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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lady Luck approaches the walled city of ____ on New Cov.
(a) Iliacum
(b) Illux.
(c) Ilic.
(d) Illum.

2. C'baoth wants to win over Luke to help him punish ____.
(a) Vader.
(b) Ackbar.
(c) Thrawn.
(d) Leia.

3. The Katana Fleet was lost ten years before the ____.
(a) Corellian Wars.
(b) Clone Wars.
(c) Coruscant Wars.
(d) Colony Wars.

4. Bel Iblis was rumored dead at ____.
(a) Endor.
(b) Anchoron.
(c) Dantooine.
(d) Hoth.

5. Khabarakh is the sole surviving member of commando team ____.
(a) 11.
(b) 33.
(c) 44.
(d) 22.

6. Han learns that ____ is under house arrest.
(a) Leia.
(b) Ackbar.
(c) Fey'lya.
(d) Mothma.

7. Han wants to look for links regarding the money entering ____.
(a) Hold of the Millennium Falcon.
(b) Ackbar's account.
(c) The New Republic Grand Bank.
(d) Fey'lya's account.

8. Karrde's ship is called the ____ Karrde.
(a) Wild.
(b) Red.
(c) White.
(d) Black.

9. Leia wakes up happy not to be ____.
(a) With Luke.
(b) In a cell.
(c) On Coruscant.
(d) On a ship.

10. Luke learns that C'baoth would now be over ____ years old.
(a) 100.
(b) 300.
(c) 200.
(d) 400.

11. Kabarakh is supposed to go to ____ for reassignment.
(a) Valour.
(b) Velmar.
(c) Valrar.
(d) Vingur.

12. Khabarakh is impressed that Leia is ____ 's daughter.
(a) Darth Maul's.
(b) Darth Vader's.
(c) Thrawn's.
(d) The Emperor's.

13. ____ is Lando's last name.
(a) Caldorian.
(b) Calmarian.
(c) Cilmarillion.
(d) Calrissian.

14. ____ is second in command of Karrde's ship.
(a) Mira.
(b) Mala.
(c) Mara.
(d) Mirna.

15. Han decides to go to ____ to investigate the money incident.
(a) Old Dov.
(b) New Dov.
(c) Old Cov.
(d) New Cov.

Short Answer Questions

1. Leia's assistant has perfect ____.

2. When a Barabel and a ____ face off with blasters, Luke is enlisted to mediate.

3. ____ is Han married to.

4. ____ is the name of Thrawn's ship.

5. Karrde says he stumbled upon the Katana Fleet ____ years ago.

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