Dark Force Rising Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Thrawn's apparent goal, according to chapters 1 and 2.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is developing plans to rebuild the Empire and needs capital ships and seasoned ground troops. He also has a secret operation going on at Mount Tantiss which is probably part of that goal.

2. Do you think that Pellaeon respects Grand Admiral Thrawn?

Although Pellaeonworks for Thrawn, I do not think that he respects Thrawn. I think that Pellaeon fears Thrawn and looks forward to the day that he might get out from under Thrawn's rule.

3. Explain how Ferrier's presence in the first section of the book reinforces Thrawn's plan.

Thrawn's determination to build his fleet of warships is shown when Thrawn places a rich bounty on warships. This is reinforced by Ferrier's attempt to steal some ships and collect Thrawn's reward.

4. Explain the role that Talon Karrde plays in the first section of the book.

The target of the Imperial raid on Myrkr, Talon Karrde, is a smuggler who is now primarily interested in and dealing in information. Thrawn orders Covell's ground troops deployed from the Chimaera to raid smuggler Talon Karrde's base on Myrkr as a training exercise. However, it seems clear that Karrde will become a major character in the book.

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