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Alyson Noël
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of cookies has Ava baked?
(a) Coconut.
(b) Chocolate chip.
(c) Oatmeal and raisin.
(d) Peanut butter.

2. What does Ever say you cannot do with problems?
(a) Give them to someone else.
(b) Outrun them.
(c) Ignore them.
(d) Solve all of them.

3. What does Jude tell Ever about his past lives?
(a) He has always been a witch.
(b) He has almost always been married to her.
(c) He does not remember them.
(d) He knows about all of them with her.

4. What happens when Ever tries to tell Damen what has happened?
(a) She throws up.
(b) She passes out.
(c) She is unable to do so.
(d) He gets angry.

5. Why does Jude kill Roman?
(a) Roman attacks him.
(b) He thinks Ever loves Roman.
(c) He thinks Roman is attacking Ever.
(d) Roman is attacking Haven.

6. How does Damen know Ever is about to die in the car accident?
(a) Ever's dog's soul comes to him.
(b) Ava tells him.
(c) He has a vision.
(d) Her silver cord was stretched too tight.

7. What does Jude say he wants for Ever?
(a) To love him.
(b) To love herself.
(c) To be happy.
(d) To be at peace.

8. What does Ava tell Ever about the bond between her and Roman?
(a) It is black magic.
(b) It is very strong magic.
(c) It is white magic.
(d) It is not magic; it is Ever's obsession with Roman and the antidote.

9. What does Ever say is the reason she takes Jude to Summerland?
(a) To show him the Bridge of Souls.
(b) To show him the Halls.
(c) To show him the Green Forest.
(d) To heal him.

10. What does Ava tell Ever when Ever walks in her house?
(a) That Ever is really messed up.
(b) She is not who Ever thinks she is.
(c) She has been waiting for her.
(d) She is not immortal but very old.

11. Where does Ever end up In Summerland after she leaves Roman?
(a) The Gray Mists.
(b) The Great Halls of Learning.
(c) The Bridge of Souls.
(d) The Green Forest.

12. What is strange about the cottage that beckons Ever?
(a) The roof looks like glass.
(b) It looks to be growing right out of a tree.
(c) It is glowing.
(d) It has gingerbread men on the outside of it.

13. What does Ava teach Ever to help her?
(a) How do use a focus candle.
(b) How to make a wand.
(c) How to manifest the antidote.
(d) Some meditation and cleansing techniques.

14. What does Sabrine catch Ever doing?
(a) Casting a spell.
(b) Giving psychic readings.
(c) Drinking the elixir.
(d) Kissing Damen.

15. What does Roman put in his pocket?
(a) A note Drina wrote him a hundred years ago.
(b) His wand.
(c) The antidote.
(d) The spell to undo Ever's bond.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the person in question 169 send Ever?

2. Who do you have to be to look at the akashic records?

3. What does Honor give Ever for her birthday?

4. What does Sabrine suggest to Ever when she talks to her after the birthday party?

5. What does Ever say is the reason she looks so bad on the earth plane?

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