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Alyson Noël
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Romy say is one thought that cannot be read from a person's mind?
(a) The hour of her/his death.
(b) What she/he sees in the akashic records.
(c) What she/he is supposed to do in the present life.
(d) What happens to a person after death.

2. In what book is Ever trying to find a solution to her bond with Roman?
(a) The Records of Craft and Hearth.
(b) The Book of Shadows.
(c) The Book of Bonds.
(d) The Book of Spells.

3. What does Sabrine suggest to Ever when she talks to her after the birthday party?
(a) That she quit her summer job and enjoy herself.
(b) That she invite Haven over for a slumber party.
(c) That she finish her college applications.
(d) That Damen might be too old for her.

4. Where did Damen move in order to find Ever in their present life?
(a) Pittsburgh.
(b) Portland.
(c) Eugene.
(d) Atlanta.

5. What does Jude say is a good reason for meditating?
(a) To balance and heal oneself.
(b) To get to sleep when insomnia is bothering oneself.
(c) To win the Olympics.
(d) To use mind control on a person.

6. What does Ever offer to show Roman?
(a) The feelings in her heart.
(b) How to accept love.
(c) Her thoughts.
(d) Where Drina's soul resides.

7. What is Roman doing when Ever goes to see him?
(a) Lying In bed with Haven.
(b) Reading.
(c) Meditating.
(d) Sparring with swords.

8. Where was Jude when he was Bastiaan de Kool?
(a) England.
(b) Amsterdam.
(c) France.
(d) Russia.

9. What does Roman say he will give Ever for her birthday?
(a) A spell to make her completely invincible.
(b) Himself.
(c) The one thing she most desires.
(d) The antidote.

10. What does Jude say composes the universe?
(a) Vibrating, pulsating energy.
(b) Darkness.
(c) Light.
(d) Strings of atoms.

11. What was the name of Ever's yellow lab?
(a) Trudi.
(b) Buttercup.
(c) Mellow.
(d) Honey.

12. What is the weather like where Summerland takes Ever?
(a) Sunny and bright.
(b) Cloudy but dry.
(c) Raining heavily.
(d) Snowing.

13. What does Damen find out in the Halls about Ever's problem?
(a) His question is not answered.
(b) She is the cause of her troubles.
(c) Jude is undermining her.
(d) Roman has unfinished karma with Ever.

14. What does Roman say the dark flame inside Ever is?
(a) Her dark side.
(b) The shadow of energy spinning.
(c) The shadow of death that won't come.
(d) His dark side.

15. What is strange about the cottage that beckons Ever?
(a) The roof looks like glass.
(b) It has gingerbread men on the outside of it.
(c) It looks to be growing right out of a tree.
(d) It is glowing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jude tell Ever about his past lives?

2. What does Jude say he wants for Ever?

3. Where does Ever end up In Summerland after she leaves Roman?

4. How does Damen know Ava is the twins' aunt?

5. What does Jude say is the reason for reincarnation?

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