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Alyson Noël
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Damen give Miles?
(a) A list of places to visit in Venice.
(b) The name of a great motel.
(c) The phone numbers of several people in Florence.
(d) An open-ended credit card.

2. What does Ever give Jude?
(a) His medication.
(b) A shirt with extra wide sleeves.
(c) An amulet.
(d) A new walking stick.

3. Who planted most of the greenery at Jude's house?
(a) His gardener.
(b) Jude.
(c) Lina.
(d) His mother.

4. How did Drina and Marie Antoinette get along?
(a) They were mortal enemies.
(b) They were like sisters.
(c) They did not care for each other.
(d) They did not know each other.

5. What does Jude tell the police is the cause of his emergency?
(a) A stranger did it during a mugging.
(b) Ever cut him.
(c) A home repair accident.
(d) He messed up preparing dinner.

6. Why does Roman say to enjoy all the pleasures on earth?
(a) Because the immortals do not go to heaven or hell.
(b) Because they are like gods.
(c) Because that's why they were made immortal.
(d) He does not say that.

7. What does Ever think is her greatest challenge with immortality?
(a) Keeping it a secret from her aunt.
(b) Not getting arrogant.
(c) Having to be with Damen for eternity.
(d) Becoming bored.

8. What does Ever ask Haven to do with her?
(a) Get an antidote from Roman.
(b) Talk Jude into becoming immortal.
(c) Find a spell to help her.
(d) Tell Ever's aunt about them.

9. What does Jude say is all he wants from Ever?
(a) For her to marry him.
(b) For her to explain who and what she is.
(c) For her to stop seeing Damen.
(d) For her to come back to work.

10. What does Ever give Haven that she has to wear everyday forever?
(a) A bracelet.
(b) A ring.
(c) Nothing.
(d) An amulet.

11. How do Damen and Ever land in Summerland?
(a) Damen lands about fifty feet from Ever.
(b) On top of each other.
(c) Side by side.
(d) They are several miles apart.

12. What does Ever ask Haven to do about Roman?
(a) Stay away from him.
(b) Work for him.
(c) Date him.
(d) Become friends with him.

13. What does Miles tell Ever about Haven and her?
(a) He thinks they should just make up.
(b) He is on Haven's side.
(c) He is going to remain completely neutral.
(d) He thinks Ever is right.

14. What does Ever do to prove Jude is immortal?
(a) Tosses a heavy weight at him.
(b) Slices him with her athame.
(c) Cuts his leg.
(d) Cuts his throat.

15. What does Jude tell Ever about binding spells?
(a) They cannot always be undone.
(b) They almost never work.
(c) They are not difficult to undo.
(d) They should not be attempted.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the book say one needs to do to reverse a spell?

2. What is the young mother doing while pushing a baby stroller at the fountain?

3. What does Haven do while she is thinking about what Ever has told her?

4. What happens when Ever holds Damen's hand?

5. From what does Rayne say she and her sister are refugees?

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