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Alyson Noël
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Essay Topic 1

Ever feels she has made many mistakes since learning of her immortality, and she is obsessed with attempting to fix these mistakes. However, the more Ever tries to fix her mistakes, the more mistakes she makes. This includes Ever's relationship with Jude. Jude has been in love with Ever in each of their lives over the last four hundred years, but Jude does not know about his past lives because he is not immortal. Ever thinks Jude is immortal and that he is part of Roman's rebels, but learns that he is not. This complicates the situation for Ever because she has placed herself in a position where she has admitted too much to Jude and broken the first rule of immortality: don't tell anyone.

1. Why do you think Ever keeps making mistakes while trying to fix her past mistakes? Use examples from your own life...

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