Dark Flame Character Descriptions

Alyson Noël
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Ever - This character lost his or her parents, sister, and dog in a car accident nearly a year ago.

Damen - This character is the first immortal.

Jude - This character is the third person in the love triangle between Damen and Ever.

Roman - This character drank an elixir which saved him or her from the Black Plague.

Haven - This character has been Ever's quiet, mousy best friend since he or she moved to California.

Miles - This character is Ever's good friend in California.

Ava - This character ran off with the elixir, which cost him or her Ever's trust.

Romy and Rayne - These characters are twins discovered in Summerland.

Drina - This character is Damen's ex-wife.

Riley - This character's is Ever's sister.

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