Dark Flame Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Alyson Noël
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Chapters 1-6

• Ever tells her best friend, Haven, that she made her immortal when Roman tried to poison her. Haven does not believe Roman would poison her.

• Ever tells Haven that the main rule of immortality is that she can tell no one. Ever asks Haven to help her get another antidote from Roman.

• Ever needs the antidote to reverse a curse on her and Damen that prevents them from touching each other.

• The twins remind Ever that it is a new moon that night. Ever goes home and tries to avoid her aunt and her aunt's new boyfriend.

• Ever performs a spell in hopes of breaking the bond that Roman created in a prior spell, but it only seems to make the bond worse.
• Ever goes on a run to Roman's store and sees her boss, Jude. He has an Ouroboros tattoo on his back, and she...

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