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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Madame Rosepettle call Rosalie?
(a) A cheat.
(b) An angel.
(c) A genius.
(d) A slut.

2. Why hasn't Rosalie ever met the parents of the children Rosalie is with?
(a) The author doesn't say why.
(b) They are working all the time.
(c) They are important politicians.
(d) They are in the hospital.

3. What is the difference between Madame Rosepettle and the parents of the children Rosalie spends time with?
(a) Madame Rosepettle wants her child to have a fulfilling life.
(b) Madame Rosepettle encourages her child's accomplishments.
(c) Madame Rosepettle cannot remember her child's name.
(d) Madame Rosepettle is more concerned about her child's happiness.

4. What is Jonathan's reaction when Rosalie invites Jonathan to do something with her in the evenings?
(a) He says yes immediately.
(b) He gets nervous.
(c) He hides in the bathroom.
(d) He becomes angry.

5. Which themes are expressed in Scene 2?
(a) Solace and growth.
(b) Family ties and forgiveness.
(c) Self-respect and compassion for others.
(d) Sexuality and loneliness.

6. Which character is experiencing a budding sexual awareness in Scene 2?
(a) Madame Rosepettle.
(b) Albert Rosepettle.
(c) Rosalie.
(d) Jonathan.

7. Which word accurately describes the parents of the children Rosalie is with when Jonathan first sees her?
(a) Attentive.
(b) Compassionate.
(c) Impoverished.
(d) Wealthy.

8. After his reaction to being called a different name, what does Jonathan do?
(a) Calls his mother.
(b) Continues to talk.
(c) Writes the name down.
(d) Runs out of the room.

9. How many times does the cuckoo clock chirp in Scene 2?
(a) Four.
(b) One.
(c) Seven.
(d) Ten.

10. How does Jonathan react when Rosalie calls him by a different name?
(a) He laughs.
(b) He is upset.
(c) He starts crying.
(d) He tells her he likes it.

11. What was Rosalie doing with the children when Jonathan first saw her?
(a) Going to school.
(b) Babysitting.
(c) Swinging.
(d) Eating ice cream.

12. What does Jonathan say locks him in the room?
(a) Coins, stamps, and plants.
(b) Birds, fish, and cats.
(c) His mother and father.
(d) Fruits and vegetables.

13. What does Rosalie invite Jonathan to do in the evenings?
(a) Go to dinner.
(b) Swim in the pool.
(c) Visit her.
(d) Walk on the beach.

14. Which character likely has the most active life in this play?
(a) Jonathan.
(b) Commodore Roseabove.
(c) Madame Rosepettle.
(d) Rosalie.

15. Rosalie tells Jonathan she feels lonely when she does what?
(a) Goes to sleep at night.
(b) Shops.
(c) Babysits.
(d) Cooks.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Madame Rosepettle treat Rosalie?

2. Whose escapades with men does Madame Rosepettle describe in Scene 2?

3. What does Jonathan find out after he tells Rosalie he watches her?

4. Where is Jonathan at the beginning of Scene 2?

5. What does Kopit indicate Rosalie yearns for?

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