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Mid-Book Test - Easy

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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What breaks off of the object being moved by the men?
(a) Handles.
(b) A statuette.
(c) Buttons.
(d) A nameplate.

2. Who does the author suggest will become Madame Rosepettle's next lover?
(a) Commodore Roseabove.
(b) Albert.
(c) Jonathan.
(d) One of the bellboys.

3. In what year is this play written?
(a) 1981.
(b) 1960.
(c) 2009.
(d) 1914.

4. What does Madame Rosepettle say about the tip she gives the bellboys?
(a) They earned it with their hard work.
(b) They don't deserve it.
(c) It is very valuable.
(d) It is all she has.

5. What does the person Madame Rosepettle plans to meet at the end of Scene 1 own?
(a) A mansion.
(b) A boat.
(c) A limo.
(d) A motorcycle.

6. Who berates the men in the hotel room?
(a) Madame Rosepettle's parrot.
(b) Madame Rosepettle.
(c) Jonathan.
(d) Rosalie.

7. What is Madame Rosepettle eager to teach her son about?
(a) Their family.
(b) Her ways of earning money.
(c) Diverse cultures.
(d) Not to care about people in the service industry.

8. What does Madame Rosepettle ask the bellboys about in the harbor?
(a) A yacht.
(b) A seal.
(c) A castle.
(d) A restaurant.

9. How would the plot of the first scene be described?
(a) Shocking.
(b) Unremarkable.
(c) Logical.
(d) Boring.

10. Which term is incorporated into many characters' names?
(a) Love.
(b) Rose.
(c) Petal.
(d) Selfish.

11. This play is a reaction to what artistic concept?
(a) Classicism.
(b) Renaissance.
(c) Minimalism.
(d) Dadaism.

12. By the end of Scene 1, is Madame Rosepettle depicted as self-centered?
(a) Yes, but Kopit did not intend for readers to see her this way.
(b) It is unclear.
(c) No.
(d) Yes, it is clear that Kopit intended her to be depicted this way.

13. Which of the following is not a name Madame Rosepettle calls her son?
(a) Albert.
(b) Edward.
(c) Davis.
(d) Robinson.

14. On the surface, how is Madame Rosepettle defined?
(a) Clean and smooth.
(b) Soft and warm.
(c) Beautiful and extravagant.
(d) Ugly and demanding.

15. In Scene 1, dialogue and characters seem to be ________________.
(a) Normal.
(b) Meaningless.
(c) Predictable.
(d) Extremely significant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Madame Rosepettle plan to meet at the end of Scene 1?

2. Who does Madame Rosepettle tell to make a note to have the bellboys fired?

3. What type of room do the men enter as they are coming into the hotel room?

4. What is the reaction from the men to the object in the hotel room?

5. When Madame Rosepettle speaks to her son, how does he answer her?

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