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Short Answer Questions

1. Daniel is on a train again in Chapter 5. Where do the Nazis tell Daniel he is going?

2. Which uncle refuses to listen to Daniel's father about being prudent in Lodz?

3. What does Daniel believe the boys who wear the Hitler Youth uniforms feel?

4. In the winter of 1943, what do Daniel and Fredrich discover in the apartment neighboring Fredrich?

5. When Daniel and his family are being marched through the streets of Frankfurt, what does Daniel feel?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Daniel's inability to promise Rosa he will hide when his family's deportation papers come demonstrate his love for them?

2. What does the photograph of Rosa symbolize?

3. Why does Daniel's father insist they carry their belongings with them instead of doing what the Germans said and putting their belongings in the wagon?

4. Why does Auntie Leah decide not to leave her two girls?

5. Why was Daniel in a rush to take the picture of Erika and Rosa another important part of chapter eight?

6. Why does Erika's speech to Daniel and Rosa about choosing love instead of hate say about the theme of the novel?

7. What purpose does the character of Mr. Schneider serve to the overall plot?

8. What is the significance of sending Uncle Peter's ashes to his family?

9. What is significant about Rosa and Daniel teaching the father a lesson about stealing bread from his children?

10. What is the significance of Daniel being able to identify the pictures by feel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does Erika use her violin to express her spirit throughout the book? What impact does it have on the overall story and on the family? Use the text to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

How do the themes of hatred and love continue to battle throughout the novel? Find descriptions from the text to support your answer and to provide evidence for your opinion.

Essay Topic 3

How is the theme of love reinforced in the story's plot line? Which characters are symbolic of love? How is love contrasted against hate in the novel? Use the text to support your answer.

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