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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Daniel's parents and Erika are deported, what happens to Daniel as he leaves the apartment?
(a) He goes to find Rosa.
(b) He goes to work.
(c) He is caught.
(d) He lives alone.

2. Who is injured at the end of chapter 15?
(a) Rosa.
(b) Peter.
(c) Father.
(d) Daniel.

3. What disease does Daniel come down with at Auschwitz?
(a) Chicken pox.
(b) Flu.
(c) Pneumonia.
(d) Typhus.

4. While Daniel's group is marched to the Canada complex, who is just arriving in Auschwitz?
(a) French Jews.
(b) Polish Jews.
(c) German Jews.
(d) Hungarian Jews.

5. During his march back to the barracks from work, what does Daniel tell his father?
(a) To be strong.
(b) To live.
(c) That Erika is alive.
(d) That he loved him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Daniel feel when he witnessed the bodies being burned in the pit?

2. At the end of Chapter 16, what does Daniel vow to do?

3. What does Daniel say crawled all over his blanket?

4. Who is Karl?

5. What is the first act that father and Daniel perform for the resistance their new camp?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the photographs illustrate the declining conditions for the Jews?

2. What is the significance of Daniel telling Adam, "Anything is better than sitting here like a helpless rabbit."?

3. How does Passover provide hope for the Jewish people?

4. Why was Buchenwald a good place for the Germans?

5. In what ways are the Germans confused about their future plans?

6. What is the role of Karl in the story?

7. Why is Father such an important character in chapter 12 ?

8. What is the significance of Peter's last words, "Find my family. Tell them. You go to Palestine for me. Remember..." ?

9. When Daniel attempts to get revenge, why doesn't he feel good?

10. Why does Daniel's father weep when he learns that Erika is alive?

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