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Object Descriptions

Auschwitz - This place is a large concentration camp in Poland.

Brown Shirts - These were posted outside stores during the boycott.

Birkenau - This place was used as a killing center and for housing most of the prisoners.

Buchenwald - This place was a large concentration camp that was liberated.

Camera - This object was used to document the horrors bestowed on Jews.

Chelmno - This place was a death camp in Poland.

Crematoria - These objects were large ovens used to burn bodies.

Dachau - This place was a concentration camp in Germany.

Death Camps - These places were created with the sole purpose of extinguishing the lives of Jews and other enemies of Hitler.

Frankfurt - This place was where Hitler was appointed Chancellor.

Ghetto - This place consisted of dilapidated apartment buildings.

Haggadah - This is a prayer book that Jewish people use...

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