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Mapping the Cities

Daniel's Story has several settings throughout the storyline. Daniel's family travels and they refer to places in Europe and Germany. Select one of these locations (Auschwitz, Lodz, Frankfurt, Dachau, Birkenau or Buchenwald) and create a detailed map on butcher paper. Use a red pen to show the places Daniel refers to in the story, and be sure to write a brief note of plot/character development that occurred there.Use the text to assist with the details. Ask the teacher or parent before going on the Internet to research the real locations.

Hope in a Box

Using one of the scenes from Daniel's Story, create a miniature version in a box. Use dolls, paper dolls, action figures, etc to re-create the scene. Be sure to use index cards to write a brief summary of the scene to post outside the box for readers. Research clothing...

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