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Daniel - This character is an 18-year-old who survives the horrors of Hitler's reign of terror in Germany.

Erika - This character uses a violin to express emotions and spirit.

Rosa - This character is able to smile despite dire circumstances and is filled with fire to fight for liberation.

Father (Joseph) - This character is not overly religious, but becomes more spiritual as the story progresses. This character's quiet wisdom and intelligence helps others survive.

Mother (Ruth) - This character was a wonderful cook and helped manage supplies so they lasted longer.

Uncle Peter - This character was once a professor, but taught at a Jewish school. This character took photographs.

Auntie Leah - This character lived in the ghetto and was killed at Lodz.

Friedrich - This character, who helped convert a closet to a bedroom, ends up living in Lodz.

Peter - This character...

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