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Chapter 1

• The book takes place in Poland and Germany during Hitler's reign of terror.

• The time frame of the story is from March of 1933 through Germany's surrender in May of 1945.

• The main character of Daniel's Story is Daniel.

• He is eighteen at the end of the book, but through flashbacks, the author takes the reader all the way back to Daniel's sixth birthday.
• The first picture is of Daniel's sixth birthday celebration on March 30th, 1933.

• Most of his family is in the photograph.

• Daniel recalls his father and Uncle Walter arguing. Uncle Walter believed the family should immigrate to Palestine and make it their home.

• The second photo was taken only two days later and is of Daniel's father's store window.

• Someone has written the word "Jew" across the store window in large letters.

• Daniel remembers being confused about why someone would do that. Yes, they celebrated religions...

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