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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Daniel's first reaction to learning about Lydia?
(a) He is confused because he is so honest and naive.
(b) He is furiously angry.
(c) He threatens to kill anyone who mentions her name.
(d) He does not believe it.

2. Who follows Mirah home one day?
(a) Her father.
(b) Mrs. Davilow.
(c) Daniel.
(d) A reporter.

3. Who does Daniel request help from in opening and translating the chest?
(a) Mordecai.
(b) Mirah.
(c) Gwendolyn.
(d) Sir Hugo.

4. What type of arrangements does Grandcourt refuse to discuss with Gwendolyn?
(a) The type that deal with their children since he categorizes that as women's work.
(b) Romantic type.
(c) Financial type.
(d) The type that deal with housekeeping.

5. What does Daniel think about Gwendolyn's dependence on him after Grandcourt dies?
(a) He likes it.
(b) It makes him feel very strong and manly.
(c) He worries about it.
(d) He thinks that it is highly annoying and inappropriate.

6. How does Daniel learn about Lydia?
(a) Directy from Grandcourt.
(b) From reading about her in the paper.
(c) From gossip that he overhears on the street.
(d) From another guest at his uncle's home.

7. Who gives Daniel the letter from his mother?
(a) The mailman.
(b) A messenger.
(c) Sir Hugo.
(d) Mirah.

8. Where are Rex and Anne when they learn that Grandcourt has drowned?
(a) At Gwendolyn's.
(b) At the town square hearing the daily news.
(c) At their Aunt Fanny's.
(d) At the pier.

9. Where do Grandcourt and Gwendolyn go yachting?
(a) In the Bahamas.
(b) In the Red Sea.
(c) In the Mediterranean.
(d) Along the English Channel.

10. How did Daniel's mother know Sir Hugo?
(a) He was one of her suitors.
(b) He was her brother.
(c) She did not know him.
(d) He worked for her.

11. What additional advice does Gwendolyn seek from Daniel during her stay at the Abbey?
(a) What to do if she were to have an affair.
(b) What to do if she were pregnant, but did not want the baby.
(c) What to do if she had wronged someone.
(d) What to do if she would like to get a divorce.

12. What does Daniel learn about his father?
(a) That he is very famous.
(b) That Sir Hugo is his father.
(c) That he had 15 other children, all of whom he named Daniel.
(d) That he is dead.

13. Who is also in the room when Mordecai tells his life story to Daniel?
(a) Gwendolyn, although no one knows that she is there.
(b) A reporter who is chronicling their story.
(c) No one.
(d) Mirah.

14. Whom does Grandcourt make fun of to Gwendolyn?
(a) Her cousins.
(b) Her uncle's family.
(c) Her younger siblings.
(d) Her mother.

15. How does Eliot make it clear that Rex has gotten over Gwendolyn?
(a) Eliot states that Rex is happily married to someone else.
(b) He does not. Rex has really never stopped loving Gwedolyn.
(c) Rex simply tells Gwendolyn that he is no longer in love with her.
(d) Eliot claims that Rex is now throwing himself into his studies.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Hans realize to be loved by Mirah?

2. What does Gwendolyn tell her mother about her marriage to Grandcourt as time goes on?

3. What valuable family item does Mirah's father steal from Daniel?

4. Who informs Rex and Anne that Grandcourt has drowned?

5. How does Mordecai react to Daniel's kindness upon finding him a place to live?

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