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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Daniel think about Gwendolyn's dependence on him after Grandcourt dies?
(a) He worries about it.
(b) It makes him feel very strong and manly.
(c) He likes it.
(d) He thinks that it is highly annoying and inappropriate.

2. Where does Herr Klesmer first hear Mirah sing?
(a) In the town square.
(b) At Grandcourt's estate.
(c) At the Abbey.
(d) At the Meyrick house.

3. Where does Daniel have to travel to retrieve his family chest?
(a) America.
(b) Mainz.
(c) Paris.
(d) Genoa.

4. Where does Daniel's mother want to meet him?
(a) In Madrid.
(b) In Paris.
(c) In Nice.
(d) In Genoa.

5. What does Daniel plan to do once he realizes that he has found Mirah's lost family?
(a) Blackmail them so that he can get some money out of the situation.
(b) Make sure that they do not find each other; it would upset everyone involved.
(c) Publish the story of his journey in the local paper.
(d) Help them live together.

6. What kind of relationship do Mordecai and Daniel develop after Daniel pawns his ring?
(a) None. No relationship is formed between them.
(b) A close one.
(c) One of animosity.
(d) One of suspicion.

7. How does Daniel learn about Lydia?
(a) From another guest at his uncle's home.
(b) From reading about her in the paper.
(c) Directy from Grandcourt.
(d) From gossip that he overhears on the street.

8. What does Daniel come to think about Lydia?
(a) He believes that she is a greedy blackmailer.
(b) He believes that she is going to die soon anyway, so he should just stop worrying about her.
(c) He believes that she should be sent far away.
(d) He believes that the situation might be true.

9. Who gives Daniel the letter from his mother?
(a) The mailman.
(b) Sir Hugo.
(c) Mirah.
(d) A messenger.

10. Whom does Hans confess to have fallen in love with to Daniel?
(a) Anna.
(b) Gwendolyn.
(c) Mirah.
(d) Lydia.

11. Who tells Reverend Gascoigne the truth about Grandcourt's will?
(a) Daniel.
(b) The lawyer.
(c) Sir Hugo.
(d) Gwendolyn.

12. Who informs Rex and Anne that Grandcourt has drowned?
(a) Reverend Gascoigne.
(b) Sir Hugo.
(c) A messenger.
(d) A child who does not realize that they know Grandcourt.

13. Why does Hans have a drawing of Rex with him when he visits Daniel?
(a) Because he is trying to find the man in the picture.
(b) Because he drew it.
(c) Because he found it on the front step when he came to visit.
(d) Because he bought it at a bazaar.

14. Who is also in the room when Mordecai tells his life story to Daniel?
(a) Gwendolyn, although no one knows that she is there.
(b) A reporter who is chronicling their story.
(c) Mirah.
(d) No one.

15. Where do Grandcourt and Gwendolyn go yachting?
(a) In the Red Sea.
(b) Along the English Channel.
(c) In the Bahamas.
(d) In the Mediterranean.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Daniel's mother do for a living when he was born?

2. What does Daniel's mother claim to be in the letter that she writes to him?

3. How does Mrs. Davilow react to Gwendolyn's increasing need for her after Grandcourt drowns?

4. Who does Daniel tell about the news of his ethnicity?

5. Who does Daniel plan to ask about Mirah's mother?

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