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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Gwendolyn first feel about the idea of a proposal that is expected to come from Grandcourt?
(a) She hopes that he does not ask so that she doesn't have to refuse him.
(b) She can hardly contain herself, she is so excited.
(c) She wants to say yes, but cannott bring herself to make that decision.
(d) She is acting uninterested, but really feels like an excited little girl.

2. What animal does Gwendolyn want that Reverend Gascoigne cannot buy for his own daughter?
(a) A horse.
(b) A rabbit.
(c) A kitten.
(d) A puppy.

3. Who arranges housing for Gwendolyn and her family upon her return from her gambling trip?
(a) The government.
(b) Daniel.
(c) An aunt and uncle.
(d) Gwendolyn herself.

4. Where is the archery club having an outing when Gwendolyn is called away to meet someone?
(a) In the town square.
(b) At the Green Arbor.
(c) On her own grounds; she is hosting the event.
(d) In Oxford proper.

5. Where does Mirah's father take her on a trip at the time that she is at a very young age?
(a) To China.
(b) To Australia.
(c) To France.
(d) To America.

6. How do Reverend and Mrs. Gascoigne react to Gwendolyn when they learn of her engagement to Grandcourt?
(a) They are horribly embarrassed.
(b) They congratulate her.
(c) They are not sure what to think.
(d) They are furiously angry.

7. How quickly does Grandcourt want to get married to Gwendolyn once she accepts his proposal?
(a) In exactly 34 days, since 34 is his lucky number.
(b) Right away -- like that night.
(c) He wants to wait a year for the sake of tradition.
(d) Within a few weeks.

8. What is Gwendolyn's first impression of Mr. Lush?
(a) That he is very ugly but possibly very rich.
(b) That he is handsome.
(c) That he is humble and very kind.
(d) She dislikes him.

9. How does Gwendolyn sell her necklace the morning that she leaves the gambling town?
(a) She sells it to the gambling house.
(b) She sells it to a girl on the street.
(c) She sells it to a pawn shop.
(d) She sells it to a man on the street.

10. Why is Herr Klesmer hesitant to confess his love for Catherine?
(a) Because he is financially beneath her.
(b) Because he is already married.
(c) Because he knows that she is already betrothed to someone else.
(d) Because he knows that she hates him.

11. How does Lydia react to the news that Grandcourt is engaged?
(a) She is angry.
(b) She is confused.
(c) She is sad.
(d) She becomes depressed instantly.

12. Why does Herr tell Gwendolyn that she cannot count on Catherine as a patron?
(a) Because she is too jealous of their engagement.
(b) Because her parents have disowned her.
(c) Because Catherine has found out about Gwendolyn having gossiped about her.
(d) Because Gwendolyn is now too poor for them to associate with her.

13. How does Gwendolyn react to what Lydia Glasher tells her when they first meet?
(a) She pretends not to understand English.
(b) She remains cool and collected.
(c) She becomes furiously, violently angry.
(d) She bursts into tears and has to be taken to a doctor.

14. Why does Mirah run away from her father?
(a) She realizes that he is planning to marry her off.
(b) She realizes that he is only after her money.
(c) She realizes that he is becoming an alcoholic.
(d) She learns that the police are after him.

15. How does Anna appear - at least on the outside - when she sees Gwendolyn and learns of her engagement?
(a) Her eyes well up with tears, but she does not say anything.
(b) She is standoffish.
(c) She is polite and congratulatory.
(d) She is angry, even though she is secretly excited.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gwendolyn's uncle think of the waltz?

2. What club does Gwendolyn join with Reverend Gascoigne?

3. What socially awkward topic does Gwendolyn ask Mrs. Davilow about after she is engaged?

4. From whom does Grandcourt learn where Gwendolyn has actually traveled?

5. How does Grandcourt ask permission to visit Gwendolyn from her after he arrives in Offendene?

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