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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mirah run away from her father?
(a) She learns that the police are after him.
(b) She realizes that he is planning to marry her off.
(c) She realizes that he is only after her money.
(d) She realizes that he is becoming an alcoholic.

2. What does Gwendolyn notice about Grandcourt during the ball?
(a) That he is watching her often.
(b) That he is paying attention to every other girl at the ball but her.
(c) That he keeps leaving the room and returning.
(d) That he keeps tripping whenever she gets close.

3. What club does Gwendolyn join with Reverend Gascoigne?
(a) A reading club.
(b) A singing club.
(c) An archery club.
(d) A chess club.

4. What does Rex tell Anna that he is going to do after he is rebuffed by her?
(a) Never love anyone else.
(b) Jump off a bridge.
(c) Propose again every day until she says "yes".
(d) Move to Canada.

5. Why does Daniel find his mission of pawning a ring to Ezra unsatisfactory?
(a) Because Ezra is not in the shop on the day that Daniel stops in.
(b) Because Ezra figures out why he is really there.
(c) Because he does not learn what he wanted to learn.
(d) Because Ezra is not able to borrow the amount of money that he needs.

6. Who arranges housing for Gwendolyn and her family upon her return from her gambling trip?
(a) The government.
(b) Gwendolyn herself.
(c) An aunt and uncle.
(d) Daniel.

7. What does Gwendolyn tell Herr Klesmer that she wants to do in order to earn money for her family?
(a) Sell all of her jewelry.
(b) Become a prostitute.
(c) Finally talk about the money that she has been hiding away.
(d) Go onstage.

8. How does Gwendolyn sell her necklace the morning that she leaves the gambling town?
(a) She sells it to a girl on the street.
(b) She sells it to a pawn shop.
(c) She sells it to a man on the street.
(d) She sells it to the gambling house.

9. Following Catherine's announcement that she plans to marry Herr Klesmer, what do her parents do as soon as she leaves the room?
(a) Her mother faints; and her father punches a window out of anger.
(b) Call all of their friends and family because they are so happy about the engagement.
(c) Nothing; they do not talk, and pretend as though nothin happened.
(d) Discuss what they are going to do with their property.

10. Where is Daniel supposed to travel with Sir Hugo soon after he finds Mirah at the river?
(a) Leubronn.
(b) Nice.
(c) Paris.
(d) Bellafonte.

11. Why does Lush advise against Grandcourt proposing to Gwendolyn after Grandcourt arrives in Offendene from Paris?
(a) Because he will now have to assume financial responsibility for Gwendolyn's family.
(b) Because he has had a dream that something bad happens, although he doesn't know what the bad occurrence is.
(c) Because he thinks that his life will be in danger.
(d) Because he realizes that Gwendolyn is very spoiled and rude.

12. How does Grandcourt ask permission to visit Gwendolyn from her after he arrives in Offendene?
(a) In person.
(b) By letter.
(c) By sending Mr. Lush, who purposely arrives late.
(d) By messenger.

13. How does Gwendolyn first feel about the idea of a proposal that is expected to come from Grandcourt?
(a) She is acting uninterested, but really feels like an excited little girl.
(b) She wants to say yes, but cannott bring herself to make that decision.
(c) She hopes that he does not ask so that she doesn't have to refuse him.
(d) She can hardly contain herself, she is so excited.

14. What is the reason that Mrs. Davilow tells Gwendolyn that they are not going to be traveling or moving abroad?
(a) She is getting too old and feeble.
(b) She is tired of catering to Gwendolyn's every desire.
(c) It is too dangerous to do that with the war going on.
(d) They do not have the money.

15. How does Gwendolyn react to what Lydia Glasher tells her when they first meet?
(a) She remains cool and collected.
(b) She becomes furiously, violently angry.
(c) She pretends not to understand English.
(d) She bursts into tears and has to be taken to a doctor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Mirah's father take her on a trip at the time that she is at a very young age?

2. What promise does Daniel make to Mirah in relation to finding her family?

3. What does Daniel give Mrs. Meyrick for Mirah?

4. Who is Rex?

5. What personal items does Gwendolyn give to her mother so that she can sell them and earn extra money?

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