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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book VIII, Fruit and Seed.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mrs. Davilow react to Gwendolyn's increasing need for her after Grandcourt drowns?
(a) She is pleased with it.
(b) She finds it to be a normal psychological need.
(c) She hopes that it passes and that it is just a symptom of her grief.
(d) She considers it to be highly annoying.

2. Why does Herr tell Gwendolyn that she cannot count on Catherine as a patron?
(a) Because she is too jealous of their engagement.
(b) Because Gwendolyn is now too poor for them to associate with her.
(c) Because her parents have disowned her.
(d) Because Catherine has found out about Gwendolyn having gossiped about her.

3. From whom does Grandcourt learn where Gwendolyn has actually traveled?
(a) Daniel Deronda.
(b) Gwendolyn herself (in a letter).
(c) Sir Hugo Mallinger.
(d) Lydia Glasher.

4. What does Gwendolyn request after speaking to Lydia Glasher for the first time?
(a) To have the woman arrested.
(b) To have a private investigator follow Glasher to see what she is really doing.
(c) To be taken to a doctor.
(d) To leave the archery event early.

5. Who is Joseph Kalonymos?
(a) A friend of Daniel's grandfather.
(b) Daniel's new stepfather.
(c) The messenger who informs Daniel that his mother is ready to meet with him.
(d) Joseph Kalonymos is actually not a character in this novel.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Daniel wait before his mother finally arrives to see him?

2. Who is Mr. Lush?

3. Where does Daniel find a place for Mordecai to live?

4. What is the dance that Gwendolyn states that she will not dance at the ball soon after she meets Grandcourt?

5. How does Anna appear - at least on the outside - when she sees Gwendolyn and learns of her engagement?

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