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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Revelations.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arranges housing for Gwendolyn and her family upon her return from her gambling trip?
(a) The government.
(b) An aunt and uncle.
(c) Gwendolyn herself.
(d) Daniel.

2. Where does Gwendolyn tell her mother that she is going the day after she meets Lydia Glasher?
(a) To the hospital.
(b) No one knows; she just disappears from everyone's sight.
(c) To join friends in Dover.
(d) On her honeymoon.

3. Who is Anna?
(a) Cousin of Mrs. Gascoigne.
(b) Daughter of Reverend and Mrs. Gascoigne.
(c) Reverend Gascoigne's wife.
(d) Gwendolyn's friend who lives very far away.

4. What prevents Daniel from spending more time with Mordecai as they begin to grow closer?
(a) He has to run errands for Sir Hugo.
(b) He is very busy with his banking business.
(c) All of the answer choices are correct.
(d) Mordecai is not well enough to see him every day.

5. What does Rex tell Anna that he is going to do after he is rebuffed by her?
(a) Move to Canada.
(b) Jump off a bridge.
(c) Never love anyone else.
(d) Propose again every day until she says "yes".

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Daniel first encounter Mordecai?

2. Who is Rex?

3. What does Herr Klesmer do for a living?

4. What item(s) does Grandcourt request from Lydia once he becomes engaged to Gwendolyn?

5. Who tells the Cohen family that Mordecai's missing family has been found?

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