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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book IV, Gwendolyn Gets her Choice.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gwendolyn plan to do with the money that she gets from her necklace?
(a) Pay for her trip back home.
(b) Pay off her debts.
(c) Buy fancy new dresses.
(d) Gamble just one more day.

2. What worry does Mrs. Gascoigne have about Gwendolyn when she first comes to town?
(a) That she will steal from them.
(b) That she will not be able to marry well.
(c) That one of her sons will fall in love with her.
(d) That she is not who she says she is.

3. Why does Gwendolyn end up dancing with Grandcourt at the ball?
(a) Because her mother makes her.
(b) Because he has finally won her affection.
(c) Because the person she was supposed to dance with disappears.
(d) Because he offers to wrap up her ankle so that she can dance at least once.

4. What does Gwendolyn's uncle think of the waltz?
(a) He is not sure what to think of it, since he has never seen it before.
(b) That it is overly showy.
(c) That it is too risque for the young people to be doing.
(d) That it is quite beautiful, but only when done properly.

5. Why does Grandcourt expect Daniel to be jealous?
(a) Because he is much more handsome.
(b) Because he has much greater success with women.
(c) Because he is very famous for his poetry.
(d) Because he is inheriting the baronetcy that could easily have been his.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who arranges housing for Gwendolyn and her family upon her return from her gambling trip?

2. How does Catherine feel about Herr Klesmer?

3. Why does Gwendolyn say that she cannot dance with Grandcourt at the ball?

4. What does Daniel do upon seeing Gwendolyn for the first time that bothers her so much?

5. Why is Herr Klesmer hesitant to confess his love for Catherine?

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