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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book V, Mordecai.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Daniel do upon seeing Gwendolyn for the first time that bothers her so much?
(a) Makes her bow to him.
(b) Tells her that she looks fat in her dress.
(c) Stares at her.
(d) Asks for her hand in marriage.

2. Where does Daniel first encounter Mordecai?
(a) At the butcher shop.
(b) At the farmers' market.
(c) Randomly on the street.
(d) At a bookstore.

3. What does Gwendolyn's uncle think of the waltz?
(a) He is not sure what to think of it, since he has never seen it before.
(b) That it is overly showy.
(c) That it is too risque for the young people to be doing.
(d) That it is quite beautiful, but only when done properly.

4. What item(s) does Grandcourt request from Lydia once he becomes engaged to Gwendolyn?
(a) His family Bible.
(b) A very expensive scarf that he had given Lydia at the time that they first met.
(c) Diamonds.
(d) His family chest.

5. What does Grandcourt assure Lydia of after he tells her that he has become engaged to Gwendolyn?
(a) That he really wishes that he were engaged to her instead.
(b) That she must now address him as a boss and not a lover.
(c) That he will never see her again.
(d) That he will continue to take care of her and the children.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the archery club having an outing when Gwendolyn is called away to meet someone?

2. Who arranges housing for Gwendolyn and her family upon her return from her gambling trip?

3. Where does Herr invite Mirah to sing?

4. Why does Gwendolyn end up dancing with Grandcourt at the ball?

5. Following Catherine's announcement that she plans to marry Herr Klesmer, what do her parents do as soon as she leaves the room?

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