Daniel Deronda Character Descriptions

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Gwendolyn Harleth

The oldest in a family, this character is very close to the maternal parent. Is extremely spoiled and accustomed to getting everything based on personal preference.

Daniel Deronda

This striking character is the ward of another, draws interest from almost everyone; is kind and considers helping others as much as possible and whenever possible, a duty.

Henry Mallinger Grandcourt

Next in line to inherit the baronetcy, this individual stays at an uncle's estate, meets future mate there, and ends up getting married; Drowns later in the novel.

Fanny Davilow

This character has lost a beloved spouse; has five daughters, and really favors the eldest.

Mirah Lapidoth

Taken away from one parent by the other at a very young age, this young Jewish character grows up on stage acting and singing parts dictated by one of the feuding parents.

Sir Hugo

This individual is related to one...

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