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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What summer ritual do Douglas and Tom take part in?
(a) Beating the rugs clean
(b) Mowing the lawn
(c) Eating ice cream
(d) Going to the movies

2. What is the dandelion wine used for during the winter?
(a) Medication
(b) To trade for other supplies
(c) Christmas presents
(d) Cure for the winter blues

3. Where do Douglas, his grandfather and brother meet Leo?
(a) On the neighbor's porch
(b) Next to the ravine
(c) In front of the cigar shop
(d) At the movie house

4. Where does Douglas record his time traveling encounter?
(a) Scrapbook
(b) Tablet
(c) Diary
(d) No where

5. What does Helen do with most of her possessions after deciding to live only in the present?
(a) Sells them at a sale
(b) Throws them in the trash
(c) Burns them
(d) Puts them on the porch

Short Answer Questions

1. In what year does this novel begin?

2. How does Douglas feel about the trolley being retired?

3. Which of the following characters did the Green Machine run over?

4. Why does Mother grow anxious when Tom returns from the store?

5. Where is Father after Tom returns home with Grandfather?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the different views on Helen's death and how it relates to happy endings by Douglas and Tom?

2. Describe, in detail, the major themes focused on within this section of reading.

3. How does Helen Bentley attempt to prove to the children that she was indeed once a child?

4. How does Lavina feel on her lonely walk home after finding the dead body and going to the movies with her friend?

5. Why is Sam not surprised to return home from his job as the postman to find his wife, Elmira, hurt?

6. How does Douglas convince the shoe store owner to give him the new shoes and how does this process help the shoe store owner himself?

7. Why doesn't Douglas finish his entry about what he must do some day in his tablet?

8. What does the beating of the rugs symbolize to Douglas and Tom both?

9. How does Tom keep an eye on Mr. Black so that Douglas and Tom can rescue Mme. Tarot?

10. Based on Tom's habit of keeping statistics, what idea does Douglas implement himself?

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