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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much more money does Douglas need to buy the new sneakers himself?
(a) One dollar and ten cents
(b) Twenty-five cents
(c) Fifty cents
(d) One dollar

2. Which of the following characters is the conductor of the trolley?
(a) Freeleigh
(b) Tridden
(c) Frank
(d) Fern

3. What color is associated with the trolley?
(a) Blue
(b) Green
(c) Orange
(d) Red

4. What does Tom do as Douglas is contemplating his thoughts about the Thing?
(a) Knocks over his bucket full of fruit
(b) Jumps on him for a fight
(c) Steals his bucket full of fruit
(d) Runs away and calls for Douglas to chase him

5. What habit of Tom's gives Douglas an idea?
(a) Running through the meadow
(b) Keeping statistics
(c) Gathering dandelions
(d) Collecting rainwater

Short Answer Questions

1. How many parts does Douglas decide to keep track of his summer in?

2. What does the Happiness Machine actually result in?

3. How are the children taken back in time?

4. What did Mr. Bentley compare items from the past as?

5. Which of the following terms is an antonym for the term jubilant?

Short Essay Questions

1. How and why is Colonel Freeleigh a real time machine, though not a mechanical contraption?

2. How does Leo rationalize to a displeased Lena that the Happiness Machine is a necessity?

3. Name two examples where Douglas tried to cling to something in order to control destiny or change.

4. What revelation does Leo come to after the Happiness Machine burns?

5. How do Tom's fears come to surround him, make him feel, and expand into his imagination?

6. Describe how Douglas feels as he completes the task for his grandfather and describe what the tasks are.

7. Describe, in detail, the major themes focused on within this section of reading.

8. Describe a typical summer night for Douglas' family.

9. What is the overall tone of the opening of this novel and why do you believe that is the case?

10. What is Leo having a difficult time resolving in his own mind that he discusses albeit briefly with Douglas?

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