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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lena make sure is happening before she sends for the fire department?
(a) The machine is burning well
(b) Saul and Leo are far from the machine
(c) A hose is nearby
(d) Leo is safe

2. What does Douglas' father speak about the wonders of?
(a) Nature
(b) Death
(c) Animals
(d) Life

3. Where does the trolley conductor take the boys on the last day the trolley is to run?
(a) Lake
(b) Home
(c) Trolley station
(d) Regular stop

4. How does Lena feel about the idea of the Happiness Machine?
(a) Displeased
(b) Relieved
(c) Excited
(d) Surprised

5. Which of the following characters is the conductor of the trolley?
(a) Fern
(b) Tridden
(c) Frank
(d) Freeleigh

Short Answer Questions

1. In what state does this novel take place?

2. What does Leo believe the Happiness Machine will quell?

3. What did Douglas want his father to buy him after they went to a movie?

4. What is considered Douglas and Tom's first rite of the summer?

5. What does Douglas offer to do to make up for the money he is short so that he will still be able to get the shoes?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Helen overcome her exasperation at the children not being able to accept the fact that she was once young?

2. In what ways was the fact that change is difficult for children reinforced in this section of the novel?

3. How does Leo rationalize to a displeased Lena that the Happiness Machine is a necessity?

4. Name two examples where Douglas tried to cling to something in order to control destiny or change.

5. Describe, in detail, the major themes focused on within this section of reading.

6. What revelation does Leo come to after the Happiness Machine burns?

7. How and why is Colonel Freeleigh a real time machine, though not a mechanical contraption?

8. What ritual does Douglas take comfort in that relates to the adults in his life?

9. Why did the accident with Mr. Quartermain distress Miss Fern and Miss Roberta so much?

10. What is Leo having a difficult time resolving in his own mind that he discusses albeit briefly with Douglas?

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