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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the French word secours mean?
(a) Death
(b) Hope
(c) Life
(d) Help

2. What job does Elmira Brown's husband hold?
(a) Doctor
(b) Auto mechanic
(c) Jewler
(d) Postman

3. Where does Douglas go to find wisdom?
(a) Gypsy
(b) Museum
(c) Arcade
(d) Leo

4. Which of the following descriptions best matches what the children thought the Lonely One looked like?
(a) Tall, pale with dark hair
(b) Chubby and red-faced
(c) Short, dark with light hair
(d) Tall, dark skin, and light hair

5. What is on the first card the wax tarot witch delivers to Douglas?
(a) Superstition
(b) Prediction
(c) Monologue
(d) Poem

6. Which of the characters below is seriously ill during this section of the novel?
(a) Jorge
(b) Douglas
(c) Colonel Freeleigh
(d) Grandfather

7. Which of the following adjectives best describes Douglas' mood when Lavina and Francine passed him?
(a) Scared
(b) Relieved
(c) Surprised
(d) Distracted

8. How old is Lavinia Nebbs?
(a) 87
(b) 33
(c) 54
(d) 25

9. Who comes to talk to Douglas about how some people feel things more than others?
(a) Mr. Jonas
(b) Father
(c) John
(d) Great grandfather

10. How does the nurse hope to prevent Colonel Freeleigh from making any more phone calls?
(a) Gives him a sedative
(b) Hides his wheelchair
(c) Unplugs the phone
(d) Has long distance calls blocked

11. In what month does Helen tell Bill she will be dead soon?
(a) September
(b) July
(c) August
(d) June

12. What part of her body did Elmira Brown injure just before her husband returned home?
(a) Leg
(b) Finger
(c) Head
(d) Arm

13. Which of the following characters does Great-grandma summon first?
(a) Douglas
(b) Tom
(c) Father
(d) Grandfather

14. What will be inside the envelope Bill will receive from Helen?
(a) Her will
(b) Pictures
(c) A letter
(d) Money

15. What does Elmira prepare for the election day at the lodge?
(a) Posters
(b) Cookies and cakes
(c) Ballots
(d) Special brew

Short Answer Questions

1. What doesGgreat-grandma decide that she knows it is time for?

2. What doesn't Grandfather want to talk about?

3. What does Douglas dream of when he has the fever?

4. Which of the following terms best describes how Grandma is when it comes to her recipes?

5. Which of the following characters is an active, spry woman in her nineties?

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