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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part of her body did Elmira Brown injure just before her husband returned home?
(a) Finger
(b) Head
(c) Leg
(d) Arm

2. What tool did Lavinia Nebbs use to kill the Lonely One?
(a) Knife
(b) Hammer
(c) Scissors
(d) Screwdriver

3. Who does Douglas join for ice cream at the drugstore?
(a) Helen Loomis
(b) Mrs. Bentley
(c) Colonel Freeleigh
(d) Bill Forrester

4. Which of the following characters believes that the night should proceed as planned?
(a) Charlie
(b) Douglas
(c) Francine
(d) Lavinia

5. Who watches Douglas write in his tablet?
(a) Grandfather
(b) Father
(c) Mother
(d) Tom

6. How many years was Colonel Freeleigh wheelchair ridden?
(a) 10
(b) 5
(c) 2
(d) 20

7. How does the nurse hope to prevent Colonel Freeleigh from making any more phone calls?
(a) Has long distance calls blocked
(b) Unplugs the phone
(c) Hides his wheelchair
(d) Gives him a sedative

8. What does Mr. Black do to try and fix the wax tarot witch machine?
(a) Opens the back with a screwdriver
(b) Unplugs it and plugs it back in
(c) Puts in a penny
(d) Thumps on it

9. What feelings does Douglas hope to reconcile?
(a) Those between life and death
(b) Those for his family
(c) Those for his friend John
(d) Those about the Lonely One

10. What does Great-grandma hold up to use with Douglas to explain?
(a) Brush
(b) Mirror
(c) Comb
(d) Picture frame

11. Which of the following characters does Great-grandma summon first?
(a) Tom
(b) Douglas
(c) Father
(d) Grandfather

12. What does Mr. Black do with the wax figurine?
(a) Moves it into his own home
(b) Sells it
(c) Breaks it into many pieces
(d) Throws it down the ravine

13. Why does Helen invite Bill to her house the next day?
(a) He has a picture of hers to return
(b) To continue the conversation
(c) Because she owes him money
(d) She wants him to bring Douglas

14. Where does Douglas keep his fireflies?
(a) Vase
(b) Glass
(c) Outside
(d) Mason jar

15. Which of the following adjectives best describes Douglas' mood when Lavina and Francine passed him?
(a) Relieved
(b) Scared
(c) Distracted
(d) Surprised

Short Answer Questions

1. How hot does the thermometer say the house is?

2. What city does Colonel Freeleigh call?

3. What job does Elmira Brown's husband hold?

4. Which of the characters below is seriously ill during this section of the novel?

5. What does Helen invite Bill to her house to do?

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