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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following characters did the Green Machine run over?
(a) Douglas
(b) Quartermain
(c) Freeleigh
(d) Tom

2. Who does Douglas go hiking with?
(a) John
(b) Clara
(c) Frank
(d) Tom

3. How fast does the Green machine travel?
(a) 15 mph
(b) 20 mph
(c) 30 mph
(d) 5 mph

4. What does Mrs. Bentley feel was stolen away by the children not believing that she was once young and pretty?
(a) Her memories
(b) Her childhood
(c) Her life
(d) Her posessions

5. What does Douglas like to think of John as?
(a) God
(b) Obnoxious
(c) Hero
(d) Serpant

6. Which of the following are the major themes of this section?
(a) Relief and happiness
(b) Death and fear
(c) Perseverence and friendship
(d) Life and death

7. What is mother doing while Tom sits by the front door screen?
(a) Sewing
(b) Ironing
(c) Cooking
(d) Sweeping

8. Which of the following characters first tried the machine after Leo announced it was finished?
(a) Douglas
(b) Lena
(c) Saul
(d) Tom

9. What do Miss Fern and Miss Roberta hide?
(a) Green Machine
(b) Time Machine
(c) Love Machine
(d) Happiness Machine

10. Where is Father after Tom returns home with Grandfather?
(a) Lodge meeting
(b) Looking for Douglas
(c) In bed
(d) Sitting on the porch

11. What do Charlie and John take Douglas to see?
(a) Life machine
(b) Time machine
(c) Ice cream machine
(d) Happiness machine

12. How much more money does Douglas need to buy the new sneakers himself?
(a) Twenty-five cents
(b) Fifty cents
(c) One dollar and ten cents
(d) One dollar

13. What does Douglas find contentment in on Grandfather's porch?
(a) Catching lightning bugs
(b) Adults' presence and chatter
(c) Brother's love
(d) Sounds of the crickets

14. What is it about Helen Bentley that the children do not believe?
(a) That she can be mean
(b) That she is rich
(c) That she dislikes summer
(d) That she was once young

15. What does Leo have a difficult time resolving the dynamics between?
(a) Man and Woman
(b) Nature and Man
(c) Man and machine
(d) Night and day

Short Answer Questions

1. How often does Douglas spend the night with his grandparents?

2. What does Grandfather need to press with the dandelions Douglas and his brother collect?

3. What is Tom relieved by when they return home?

4. What does Douglas suggest they should build?

5. What emotion does Douglas feel once John leaves?

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