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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Douglas' sense of excitement become lackluster when he is with his friends?
(a) He likes their shoes more than his own
(b) No one tlaks to him
(c) They make fun of his shoes
(d) He cannot keep up with them

2. What is considered Douglas and Tom's first rite of the summer?
(a) Eating wild strawberries
(b) Picking fox grapes
(c) Collecting dandelions
(d) Going on a picnic in the forest

3. What did Douglas want his father to buy him after they went to a movie?
(a) Ice cream cone
(b) Sneakers
(c) Candy
(d) Jeans

4. What does Grandfather need to press with the dandelions Douglas and his brother collect?
(a) Fresh rainwater
(b) Wild strawberries
(c) Mint leaves
(d) Fox grapes

5. Where does Tridden tell the boys the trolley used to ride for summer picnics?
(a) Library
(b) Bandstand
(c) Forest
(d) Lake

6. What does Helen do with most of her possessions after deciding to live only in the present?
(a) Burns them
(b) Sells them at a sale
(c) Throws them in the trash
(d) Puts them on the porch

7. Which of the following characters believes that a sandwich outdoors tastes different from indoors?
(a) Grandfather
(b) Father
(c) Douglass
(d) Tom

8. How are the children taken back in time?
(a) Through hypnosis
(b) Through stories
(c) Through pictures
(d) Through joined belief

9. How does Tom feel as he and his mother approach the ravine?
(a) Worried
(b) Vulnerable
(c) Afraid
(d) Calm

10. What does Mrs. Bentley feel was stolen away by the children not believing that she was once young and pretty?
(a) Her memories
(b) Her childhood
(c) Her life
(d) Her posessions

11. What does Douglas like to think of John as?
(a) God
(b) Hero
(c) Obnoxious
(d) Serpant

12. Which of the following terms is an antonym for the term jubilant?
(a) Triumphant
(b) Euphoric
(c) Disappointed
(d) Delighted

13. What habit of Tom's gives Douglas an idea?
(a) Collecting rainwater
(b) Running through the meadow
(c) Gathering dandelions
(d) Keeping statistics

14. What do Leo and Lena argue about?
(a) Movies
(b) Happiness Machine
(c) Life in Green Town
(d) Replacement grass that does not need to be mowed

15. Which of the following are the major themes of this section?
(a) Perseverence and friendship
(b) Life and death
(c) Relief and happiness
(d) Death and fear

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Frank related to Miss Fern and Miss Roberta?

2. In what state does this novel take place?

3. How many parts does Douglas decide to keep track of his summer in?

4. What does Lena make sure is happening before she sends for the fire department?

5. What rite does Douglas perform on the third day of summer?

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