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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What season is it as the novel opens?
(a) Spring
(b) Fall
(c) Summer
(d) Winter

2. Where do many of the women work and chat on the summer nights?
(a) Porches
(b) Forest
(c) Kitchens
(d) Meadows

3. How often does Douglas spend the night with his grandparents?
(a) One
(b) Seven
(c) Five
(d) Two

4. What does Grandfather need to press with the dandelions Douglas and his brother collect?
(a) Fox grapes
(b) Mint leaves
(c) Wild strawberries
(d) Fresh rainwater

5. Where does Douglas go while Grandfather takes Tom home?
(a) Movie house
(b) Ravine
(c) Friends house
(d) Leo's house

6. What rite does Douglas perform on the third day of summer?
(a) Remounting the porch swing
(b) Building a happiness machine
(c) Buying a cigar at the cigar shop
(d) Going for a nightly stroll

7. What does mother call the specter of death?
(a) Odin
(b) Grim Reaper
(c) Grim
(d) Lonely One

8. How is Frank related to Miss Fern and Miss Roberta?
(a) Son
(b) Father
(c) Cousin
(d) Brother

9. What does Douglas suggest they should build?
(a) Happiness machine
(b) Cigar cutter
(c) Grape and wine picking machine
(d) New wine press

10. What does Douglas test John on in the hopes that John will remember Douglas for a long time?
(a) Favorite food
(b) Type of sneaker
(c) Eye color
(d) Best memory they shared

11. What does Douglas question about his friends?
(a) Why they do not want to spend time with him
(b) When they will come to a new sense of being
(c) How they will spend the summer
(d) Why they seem more alive

12. What did Mr. Bentley compare items from the past as?
(a) Toys
(b) Momentos
(c) Magic tricks
(d) Treasures

13. What does Douglas find contentment in on Grandfather's porch?
(a) Catching lightning bugs
(b) Sounds of the crickets
(c) Adults' presence and chatter
(d) Brother's love

14. What is considered Douglas and Tom's first rite of the summer?
(a) Eating wild strawberries
(b) Picking fox grapes
(c) Going on a picnic in the forest
(d) Collecting dandelions

15. Which of the following are the major themes of this section?
(a) Life and death
(b) Relief and happiness
(c) Death and fear
(d) Perseverence and friendship

Short Answer Questions

1. Which category of his summer did Douglas decide remounting the porch swing with his grandfather fell into?

2. What did Douglas want his father to buy him after they went to a movie?

3. What does Douglas like to think of John as?

4. Which word best describes how Miss Fern and Miss Roberta feel?

5. How much more money does Douglas need to buy the new sneakers himself?

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