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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 180 - 187.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Douglas use as a light as he writes down his reflections in his tablet?
(a) Candle
(b) Lamp
(c) Fireflies
(d) Flashlight

2. What does Douglas find contentment in on Grandfather's porch?
(a) Sounds of the crickets
(b) Brother's love
(c) Adults' presence and chatter
(d) Catching lightning bugs

3. What job does Elmira Brown's husband hold?
(a) Postman
(b) Auto mechanic
(c) Jewler
(d) Doctor

4. Where do many of the women work and chat on the summer nights?
(a) Kitchens
(b) Forest
(c) Meadows
(d) Porches

5. What part of her body did Elmira Brown injure just before her husband returned home?
(a) Leg
(b) Head
(c) Arm
(d) Finger

Short Answer Questions

1. What summer first does Grandfather look forward to and relish?

2. In what state does this novel take place?

3. How fast does the Green machine travel?

4. Who does Douglas join for ice cream at the drugstore?

5. What does Douglas like to think of John as?

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