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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 180 - 187.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What summer ritual do Douglas and Tom take part in?
(a) Eating ice cream
(b) Going to the movies
(c) Beating the rugs clean
(d) Mowing the lawn

2. Which of the following terms is an antonym for the term jubilant?
(a) Disappointed
(b) Triumphant
(c) Euphoric
(d) Delighted

3. Where do Lavinia and Francine find the Lonely One's last victim?
(a) Ravine
(b) Drug store
(c) Ice house
(d) Movie house

4. What rite does Douglas perform on the third day of summer?
(a) Building a happiness machine
(b) Going for a nightly stroll
(c) Buying a cigar at the cigar shop
(d) Remounting the porch swing

5. Which of the following adjectives best describe Douglas' reflections on his summer experiences?
(a) Despondent
(b) Jubilant
(c) Somber
(d) Reflective

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Colonel Freeleigh enjoy listening to?

2. Which of the following are the major themes of this section?

3. Which of the following characters believes that the night should proceed as planned?

4. Where does Charlie say the Lonely One grew up?

5. What does Bill order at the drug store ice cream counter which catches the attention of Helen?

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