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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 180 - 187.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following terms is an antonym for the term jubilant?
(a) Euphoric
(b) Triumphant
(c) Disappointed
(d) Delighted

2. What does Grandfather need to press with the dandelions Douglas and his brother collect?
(a) Wild strawberries
(b) Fresh rainwater
(c) Fox grapes
(d) Mint leaves

3. Which of the following is one of Elmira's major faults?
(a) Practicing witchcraft
(b) Trusting
(c) Gossipy tongue
(d) Wicked and evil

4. What does Douglas offer to do to make up for the money he is short so that he will still be able to get the shoes?
(a) Collects dandelions
(b) Cleans the store
(c) Runs errands
(d) Advertises with his friends about the shoes

5. Who does Douglas join for ice cream at the drugstore?
(a) Helen Loomis
(b) Bill Forrester
(c) Mrs. Bentley
(d) Colonel Freeleigh

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Douglas wonder?

2. What chore has Great-grandma always done for the family?

3. Where does Douglas keep his fireflies?

4. What is Tom relieved by when they return home?

5. How old is Douglas at the beginning of this novel?

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