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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 180 - 187.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mother grow anxious when Tom returns from the store?
(a) Father is not home yet
(b) Douglas is not home yet
(c) The Lonely One is around
(d) She believes she forgot to unplug the iron

2. What do Charlie and John take Douglas to see?
(a) Ice cream machine
(b) Time machine
(c) Happiness machine
(d) Life machine

3. How does the empty mason jar make Douglas feel?
(a) Hopeful
(b) Empty
(c) Relieved
(d) Sad

4. What chore has Great-grandma always done for the family?
(a) Cooking dinner
(b) Repairing the roof shingles
(c) Sewing the clothes that are torn
(d) Charting the family history

5. What will be inside the envelope Bill will receive from Helen?
(a) Pictures
(b) Money
(c) A letter
(d) Her will

Short Answer Questions

1. Why can't any of the children or towsnpeople remember a young Mrs. Bentley?

2. What does Tom do as Douglas is contemplating his thoughts about the Thing?

3. What does Douglas suggest he and Tom own together?

4. What part of her body did Elmira Brown injure just before her husband returned home?

5. Which of the following did Lena not see when she was in the Happiness Machine?

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