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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 140 - 154.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bill Forrester plan on doing that bothers Grandfather greatly?
(a) Replace his grass with some that does not need to be mowed
(b) Hire Douglas to cut his grass
(c) Move out of the town
(d) Plant trees blocking Grandfather's view of the property

2. What emotion does Douglas feel once John leaves?
(a) Rage
(b) Humor
(c) Surprise
(d) Sadness

3. What does Bill order at the drug store ice cream counter which catches the attention of Helen?
(a) Old-fashioned cherry soda
(b) Old-fashioned chocolate shake
(c) Old-fashioned vanilla
(d) Old-fashioned lime-vanilla ice

4. What does Grandfather need to press with the dandelions Douglas and his brother collect?
(a) Fox grapes
(b) Fresh rainwater
(c) Mint leaves
(d) Wild strawberries

5. Which of the following is one of Elmira's major faults?
(a) Practicing witchcraft
(b) Gossipy tongue
(c) Trusting
(d) Wicked and evil

Short Answer Questions

1. What surprise does John have for Douglas?

2. What does Helen invite Bill to her house to do?

3. How much does Grandfather pay the boys for the dandelions they collect?

4. Where does Douglas go while Grandfather takes Tom home?

5. Where do Miss Fern and Miss Roberta hide?

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