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Green Town

This is the main location in the novel and is based on the author's experience of growing up in Waukegan, Illinois.

The Woods

This is a place where Father and the boys have often ventured to collect fox grapes and wild strawberries and picnic under the trees.

Grandfather and Grandma's House

This is the home that Douglas wakes up in on the first day of summer and the one he goes to sleep in on the last day.

The Ravine

This divides Green Town and is full of folklore to the boys who cut through its trails to their various destinations.

The Drugstore

This is where Douglas and Bill Forrester meet Helen Loomis.

The Arcade

This is run by a drunken, callous owner called Mr. Black.

Summer's Ice House

This is a vast brick building containing fifty, one hundred, and two hundred pound chunks.

The Green Machine

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