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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Michael say the characters dance with their eyes half closed?

2. What does Maggie forget at the end of the play?

3. What do Agnes and Rose tell the family not to do?

4. How long has Rose been gone when the sisters realize she is missing?

5. What does Gerry Evans say they need to check if the aerial is all right but the radio still won't work?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Maggie forget to count when she is calculating people they must feed for dinner?

2. Why might Agnes have believed Rose could not get work in the factory?

3. How does Uncle Jack reveal that the Ryangans have not been converted to Christianity by his efforts?

4. What phrase did Kate hit upon that comforted her as she tried to understand Uncle Jack's changed attitude toward life since his stay in Ryanda?

5. How does Maggie make a joke of the small amount of food they have?

6. Why does Gerry Evans decide to go to war in a foreign country?

7. Where did Gerry Evans sign up for military service, and why is that location significant?

8. What does Uncle Jack reveal about his ministry in Ryanga when Maggie asks if the people there gathered in his church for ceremonies?

9. What does Uncle Jack reveal about his relationship to Okawa when he speaks about his time in Uganda?

10. How does Rose describe her encounter with Danny Bradley?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Gerry Evans' character is in many ways an act. He pretends to be a salesman, but can't sell. He pretends to be fighting for a noble cause in Spain, but doesn't know for sure what that cause is. In Michael's last glimpse of him, he is imitating Fred Astaire. After his father's war injury, Michael tells us that Gerry Evans cherished the "role" of wounded war veteran. Analyze Gerry Evans' role as almost a husband, and almost a father. Do you see him as evil and harmful? Do you see him as helpless and hopeless? Is there a tragic flaw in his character - or several? If so, what are they?

Essay Topic 2

Dancing is a central metaphor in this play, and Michael ends the play with a monologue about what dance meant to him. Compare and contrast the effects of dance on him as a boy, when he is frightened by the wild, strange behavior of his family members as they dance, with his reflections on dance at the end of the play.

Essay Topic 3

When Rose is lost, the hierarchy within the group of sisters changes. Who is usually in charge and who takes over during the emergency? Using quotations from the play, explain this dynamic and tell why you think the change took place.

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