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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Rose laugh at Agnes while they are picking berries?

2. When Uncle Jack speaks of Uganda, what does he call it?

3. How long has Rose been gone when the sisters realize she is missing?

4. How is Gerry Evans wounded in Spain?

5. What work does Kate find after leaving her teaching job?

Short Essay Questions

1. What significance can we attach to Uncle Jack's declaration that he is cold all the time?

2. What has changed about Rose's appearance when she comes home from her meeting with Danny Bradley?

3. What do you make of the kites as a symbol or metaphor, and of the fact that they wouldn't fly?

4. What does Uncle Jack reveal about his ministry in Ryanga when Maggie asks if the people there gathered in his church for ceremonies?

5. How does Uncle Jack reveal that the Ryangans have not been converted to Christianity by his efforts?

6. Who does Maggie forget to count when she is calculating people they must feed for dinner?

7. What does it tell you about Gerry Evans that he says he will check the ignition and sparking plugs of the radio?

8. Maggie asks Michael a riddle about the apples on a tree. What might those apples symbolize?

9. How is the Ryangan harvest festival described by Uncle Jack similar to the festival of Lughansa?

10. What is it that Kate asks Uncle Jack to promise?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The radio, "Marconi," has "killed all Christian conversation in this country," according to Kate. It has certainly had a powerful effect on the lives of the Mundy family. Analyze the effect of the radio on the lives of this family. Use examples from the script in your analysis.

Essay Topic 2

The playwright, Brian Friel, uses the character Michael to tell the audience the eventual fate of the characters before the play itself is finished. How did knowing where the characters' actions would lead them affect you as a reader? Did you find it an effective dramatic device?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze what it means to you that young Michael's kites have faces that are cruel and grinning, and that they are not able to fly. Why do you think the playwright put this element into his play? What do these kites tell you about young Michael's feelings toward the women in his family? Toward life in general?

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