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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Bernie O'Donnell?

2. How does Kate identify Gerry Evans?

3. What language has Uncle Jack been speaking for twenty-five years?

4. What is the population of Balleybeg looking forward to?

5. What does Maggie like to ask Michael?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Irish music comes from the radio, which of the sisters begins to dance first, and in what mood does she dance?

2. What significance does Austin Morgan have in this story?

3. Why does Kate become angry when Rose repeats the idea that twins are a double blessing?

4. How does Kate explain Uncle Jack's strange behavior?

5. For what is the fox in the hen house a metaphor?

6. How has Uncle Jack brought status to the Mundy family?

7. From what does Kate struggle to protect her home when they joke about naming the radio?

8. Why does Chris call Danny Bradley a bastard?

9. What does Chris wear during the sisters' dancing that upsets Kate?

10. What is Maggie's reaction to hearing that her old friend Bernie O'Donnell is in town, and why does she react this way?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze what it means to you that young Michael's kites have faces that are cruel and grinning, and that they are not able to fly. Why do you think the playwright put this element into his play? What do these kites tell you about young Michael's feelings toward the women in his family? Toward life in general?

Essay Topic 2

What irony do you see in the fact that Kate eventually finds work as a tutor for Austin Morgan's young family? Explain whether this is an example of situational or dramatic irony and why you think so (or do not think so).

Essay Topic 3

At different times in the play, every character dances except for Michael. Select two of the characters and analyze the dance of each. What does their dance mean? What does the dance tell the audience about the character? If you select Michael as one of the characters, explain why you think he is the only one who does not dance.

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