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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Michael painted on the kites?
(a) White roosters.
(b) Sunny, happy faces.
(c) Cruel, garish faces.
(d) Forest animals.

2. How many husbands does Uncle Jack say he could provide the sisters in Ryanga?
(a) One husband for each of them.
(b) One husband for four of them.
(c) More than one husband for each of them.
(d) One husband for all five of them.

3. Which of the sisters takes over to organize the search for Rose?
(a) Kate.
(b) Chris.
(c) Agnes.
(d) Maggie.

4. What skill does Gerry Evans have that the army wanted?
(a) He can fire a cannon.
(b) He can make explosives.
(c) He can ride a motor bike.
(d) He can speak Spanish.

5. What does Gerry Evans promise Michael during each annual visit?
(a) A trip to Spain.
(b) A bell for his bike.
(c) A new bike.
(d) A trip to the city.

Short Answer Questions

1. What popular song does Gerry Evans dance to with the sisters in Act 2?

2. Why can't Vera McLaughlin work in the new factory?

3. Who does Rose share her picnic with?

4. What does Chris do when Gerry Evans dances with Agnes and Maggie?

5. When does Uncle Jack die?

Short Essay Questions

1. What has changed about Rose's appearance when she comes home from her meeting with Danny Bradley?

2. What significance can we attach to Uncle Jack's declaration that he is cold all the time?

3. Why does Gerry Evans decide to go to war in a foreign country?

4. What significance do you make of the fact that the recruiter who enlists Gerry Evans in the war effort is, unnoticed by Gerry Evans until after he is writing his name, a midget?

5. What phrase did Kate hit upon that comforted her as she tried to understand Uncle Jack's changed attitude toward life since his stay in Ryanda?

6. How is the Ryangan harvest festival described by Uncle Jack similar to the festival of Lughansa?

7. What is it that Kate asks Uncle Jack to promise?

8. How does Rose trick Agnes and get away from her?

9. There are important facts about the Spanish Civil War that Gerry Evans does not understand. One is that the Popular Front represents a Fascist, rather than a Republican, government. The other is that the Popular Front is anti-Catholic. How is this ignorance on his part ironic?

10. Maggie asks Michael a riddle about the apples on a tree. What might those apples symbolize?

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