Dancing at Lughnasa Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How far do the Mundys live from the rest of the village, and what significance is there in that distance?

The Mundy family home is two miles outside the village, and that distance is significant.They are bound to the village by necessity - the place to buy food and supplies, and by culture - the place where they attend church and where Kate teaches school. However, they are also not quite in the center of things. They are poor, unmarried, and set apart from the rest of the community.

2. Why do you think the playwright chose to have adult Michael speak the lines of child Michael instead of having two actors?

The audience is not seeing things as they were, but as adult Michael remembers them. The device of having adult Michael speak for the child helps us remember that it is his impressions that we are learning about. This method of presenting his thoughts may also reinforce the notion of the power of childhood memories over adults.

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