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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Okawa?
(a) Uncle Jack's houseboy in Uganda.
(b) Uncle Jack's name in Uganda.
(c) Uncle Jack's pet name for Michael.
(d) Uncle Jack's imaginary friend.

2. What infuriates Kate about Gerry Evans?
(a) He doesn't keep a job.
(b) He doesn't love Chris.
(c) He doesn't come by often.
(d) He doesn't support his child.

3. What does Chris do that Kate thinks sacrilegious?
(a) She wears the surplice she's been ironing.
(b) She shows her legs when she dances.
(c) She takes the name of the Lord in vain.
(d) She turns the picture of the saints to the wall.

4. Why does the parish priest tell Kate she may lose her teaching job?
(a) The priest says the number of students is falling.
(b) The priest says Kate is getting too old to teach.
(c) The priest says Uncle Jack is a blot on the community.
(d) The priest says the parents object to Kate's methods.

5. How does Maggie think Gerry Evans looks?
(a) Friendly.
(b) Handsome.
(c) Cocky.
(d) Terrified.

Short Answer Questions

1. What infuriates Agnes about Kate?

2. What does the Donegal Enquirer call Uncle Jack?

3. What is the first thing the Mundys listen to on the radio?

4. Why does Rose dance in wellingtons?

5. What is Kate's nickname at school?

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