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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What dance do Bernie O'Donnell and Maggie compete in?
(a) The waltz.
(b) The jitterbug.
(c) The Military Two-step.
(d) The polka.

2. When is La Lughnasa held in the old days?
(a) August fifteenth.
(b) August first.
(c) September first.
(d) September thirtieth.

3. How does Chris heat the iron for their clothes?
(a) In the fireplace.
(b) On the radiator.
(c) On the hearth.
(d) In the stove.

4. What unusual stage convention involves the boy Michael?
(a) The boy Michael narrates the play.
(b) The boy Michael is played by an adult.
(c) The boy Michael is invisible, and his lines are said by adult Michael.
(d) The boy Michael is silent.

5. Why don't the Mundys speak of Uncle Jack when he is a chaplain for the British army?
(a) They don't know where he was.
(b) They are angry with him.
(c) Kate is in the War of Independence against Britain.
(d) They are afraid of endangering Uncle Jack.

Short Answer Questions

1. What infuriates Kate about Gerry Evans?

2. What does Gerry's customer take from him the day before yesterday?

3. What does Maggie admire about Brian McGuinness?

4. What does Maggie like to ask Michael?

5. What does Kate say is the only thing Gerry Evans does well?

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