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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the other Michael Evans live?
(a) Dublin.
(b) Wales.
(c) Barcelona.
(d) London.

2. What does Gerry Evans say they need to check if the aerial is all right but the radio still won't work?
(a) The electric cord.
(b) The ignition.
(c) The battery.
(d) The dials.

3. What is the population of Balleybeg looking forward to?
(a) The harvest potluck.
(b) The harvest parade.
(c) The harvest dance.
(d) The harvest picnic.

4. What is the first step in swapping possessions in Uncle Jack's village in Uganda?
(a) Put your possession on the ground and step away from it.
(b) Hand your possession to the recipient.
(c) Present your possession to a third party.
(d) Fling your possession in the air.

5. What feeling does the radio create in Michael?
(a) Jubilation.
(b) Unease.
(c) Relaxation.
(d) Terror.

Short Answer Questions

1. What superstition does Maggie believe?

2. Who is Okawa?

3. What word does Kate use to describe Michael?

4. When Uncle Jack speaks of Uganda, what does he call it?

5. What gift does Danny Bradley give Rose for Christmas?

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