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Short Answer Questions

1. How many stars does the American flag have on it that flies in Gros Ventre?

2. In 1890, where do Rob, Angus and other settlers spend the last day of the old year?

3. Where did Lucas's partner, Johnny Dorgan, take Lucas when he got hurt in a mining accident?

4. What simile does Angus use to compare the darkness of the night on board ship?

5. What is the name of the ship that Rob and Angus take to America?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is some of the first work that Rob and Angus get done on their homesteads?

2. How do Rob and Angus decide whose house to build first?

3. When Rob becomes interested in Nancy, how does Lucas solve that problem?

4. What progress does Angus describe that occurs in 1891?

5. How do Rob and Angus claim the land that they want to homestead?

6. Why do Ninian, Donald, Archie, and Willy come to see Angus one evening?

7. Why is a vendor selling limes to passengers on Rob's and Angus's ship?

8. How did Lucas lose his hands?

9. How are Rob and Angus listed on the passenger list of the James Watt?

10. What did Angus's father's grandfather, Alexander McCaskill, help to build?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Rob and Angus learn that trying to control a thousand sheep on a new range is like trying to herd water. Discuss pros and cons of sheep herding.

Essay Topic 2

When Angus becomes the South Fork teacher, he faces some challenges. Discuss the challenges Angus faces as teacher at South Fork.

Essay Topic 3

Adair does what she can to make the partnership with Lucas's sheep work. Discuss why and how Adair tries to make the partnership work between herself, Rob, and Angus with Lucas's sheep.

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