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Short Answer Questions

1. How much is a shilling worth in American money when Angus and Rob emigrate?

2. How old was Angus when his father died?

3. In 1897, how much does lambs' wool rise in price?

4. When Angus left Scotland, how long had it been since Alexander McCaskill helped to build a lighthouse?

5. How long does a homesteader have to prove his land?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Rob becomes interested in Nancy, how does Lucas solve that problem?

2. How do Angus and Rob have to travel to Gros Ventre to find Lucas?

3. How does Susan Duff stop Daniel Rozier from putting garter snakes in the girls' outhouse at South Fork school?

4. Why in 1893, does the South Fork need a school teacher when the school year is close to beginning?

5. What family does Rob leave behind in Nethermuir?

6. What advice does "Crofutt's Trans-Atlantic Emigrants" Guide give individuals who are considering emigrating?

7. Why isn't Angus able to sleep on water?

8. Describe Anna Ramsay.

9. How do Rob and Angus claim the land that they want to homestead?

10. How does Angus describe the men that Judith had to choose from as a husband?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Angus begins teaching at South Fork, the boys keep knocking over the girls' outhouse. Discuss why the boys begin knocking over the outhouse and how Angus stops them from knocking it over.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Angus's and Adair's marriage.

Essay Topic 3

In 1890, Angus and Rob choose the land that they are going to homestead. Discuss homestead claims relating to the legalities of homesteading and the homesteads that Rob and Angus choose.

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