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Short Answer Questions

1. When some of the children are late for school the first day that Angus teaches, which of the children gives an excuse for their tardiness?

2. Where did the founder of Gros Ventre come from and go back to?

3. What is a horse and cart conveying when the horse falls into the water near the Greenock dock?

4. Who is president of the United States that first year that Rob and Angus are homesteading?

5. What does Anna Ramsay ask Angus to bring her?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Angus and Rob have to travel to Gros Ventre to find Lucas?

2. When Rob becomes interested in Nancy, how does Lucas solve that problem?

3. Why isn't Angus able to sleep on water?

4. What are the benefits and problems of raising sheep?

5. How are Rob and Angus listed on the passenger list of the James Watt?

6. How did Lucas lose his hands?

7. What is some of the first work that Rob and Angus get done on their homesteads?

8. Why don't Rob and Angus eat some of their sheep during the long winter of early 1891?

9. What progress does Angus describe that occurs in 1891?

10. What does the steward have to say when he comes to steerage to talk with the passengers?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Rob and Angus learn that trying to control a thousand sheep on a new range is like trying to herd water. Discuss pros and cons of sheep herding.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Lucas's death and how he tries to reconcile Rob and Angus even from the grave.

Essay Topic 3

Adair does what she can to make the partnership with Lucas's sheep work. Discuss why and how Adair tries to make the partnership work between herself, Rob, and Angus with Lucas's sheep.

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