Dancing at the Rascal Fair Fun Activities

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A Book by Ivan Doig

Read another book by Ivan Doig.

Advice for Emigrants

Angus and Rob had a book that was written to give advice to emigrants. Write some advice that you would have given Angus and Rob when they were emigrating.

Map It

Use a blackline map to show the places where Angus and Rob traveled.


Research homesteading in the 1880s. Prepare a written or oral report discussing what you learned.

Rob's Viewpoint

Write about an incident in the book from Rob's viewpoint.

Montana Becomes a State

Write a newspaper article about Montana becoming a state.

Homestead Diorama

Make a diorama of Rob's or Angus's homestead.

Montana National Forests

Read about the creation of national forests in Montana. Discuss with a partner what you learn.

Glacier National Park

Create a poster showing pictures of Glacier National Park.

Adair's Diary

Write a diary entry that Adair...

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