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Essay Topic 1

Discuss Angus's life in Nethermuir and the events that cause his life to change direction.

Essay Topic 2

As Angus prepares to board the ship to emigrate to America, he begins to have second thoughts about his decision to leave Scotland. Discuss why Angus is having second thoughts about leaving Scotland.

Essay Topic 3

When Rob and Angus find Lucas, they discover that he is handicapped. Discuss Lucas and his handicap and how he deals with his handicap.

Essay Topic 4

In 1890, Angus and Rob choose the land that they are going to homestead. Discuss homestead claims relating to the legalities of homesteading and the homesteads that Rob and Angus choose.

Essay Topic 5

Rob and Angus learn that trying to control a thousand sheep on a new range is like trying to herd water. Discuss pros and cons of sheep herding.

Essay Topic 6

Discuss the climate and weather in...

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