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Scotland and Helena; Gros Ventre

• Angus McCaskill and Rob Barclay board a ship in Scotland for a journey across the Atlantic to America.

• When Angus sees a dead horse at the dock, he wonders if that is a bad omen.

• Rob believes that they would be fine as long as someone doesn't hitch a cart to them.

• Angus and Rob had traveled by train from their childhood homes in Nethermuir, Scotland, to reach the ocean.

• Angus is tall and on board ship he discovers that his bunk is too small and compares it to a coffin.

• On board, Angus recalled the Rascal Fairs in their hometown where farmers and laborers would get together and bargain the wages and terms of employment for a season.

• Because musicians, peddlers, and members of the community attended, it was something like a fair.

• During an early part of the voyage, Angus bought...

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