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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Blair tell Larkin about the holy water they are going to use on his wound?
(a) It will hurt much worse than the bite.
(b) It will make him numb.
(c) It stinks.
(d) It will make him sleep.

2. What power does Larkin have?
(a) The power to speak to animals.
(b) The power to wield magic.
(c) The power to change into any living thing.
(d) The ability to wield a sword faster than any thing alive.

3. How does Glenna say that she knew where to send the people that they saved from Lilith?
(a) She used to work at the local hospital.
(b) One of the people had been from the hospital.
(c) It was Hoyt that knew.
(d) Glenna had a map.

4. Why does Larkin tell Blair that they will win?
(a) The vampires will begin to fight each other.
(b) There is no other option.
(c) They have each other.
(d) Because survival is stronger than a desire to destroy.

5. What does Glenna tell Blair about her magic when they begin talking?
(a) It seems more natural.
(b) It seems to be harder to control.
(c) She is able to control it better.
(d) She seems to have more now that they are all together.

6. What does Hoyt say is in the van that he found in the driveway?
(a) Weapons.
(b) A message.
(c) Bodies.
(d) Dust.

7. What does Cian ask Hoyt to pick up for him in Chapter 2?
(a) Plasma.
(b) Pig's blood.
(c) A volunteer from the vampire clinic.
(d) Chicken's blood.

8. Who does Larkin hear talking to him as he is nearing home?
(a) Glenna.
(b) Blair.
(c) Hoyt.
(d) Moira.

9. What does Larkin notice when he wakes up?
(a) His neck still burns.
(b) He is very tired.
(c) His neck feels numb.
(d) He is extremely sore.

10. What does Blair tell Larkin about a vampire bite?
(a) It's like a drug.
(b) It makes you a puppet.
(c) There are no words to describe it.
(d) It burns and you might not live through it.

11. What does Midir say he will need to reopen the portal?
(a) A sacrifice.
(b) A vampire circle.
(c) Lilith's blood.
(d) A full moon.

12. How does Blair know about vampire bites?
(a) Her father gave her detailed information on vampires.
(b) She was bitten when she was eighteen.
(c) She has watched them feed before.
(d) She talked to survivors.

13. Why does Moira say that they would know if Larkin was dead?
(a) Moira has a connection to her cousin.
(b) Because their circle would be broken.
(c) Lilith would have sent pieces of his body back.
(d) Larkin's necklace would glow.

14. What does Moira say that she will do when she gets home?
(a) Sign her city over to someone to rule.
(b) Ask her people to fight.
(c) Say goodbye to those she loves.
(d) Order the city emptied.

15. When Larkin first wakes up, what does he ask?
(a) Why are women always nagging?
(b) Does anyone have a beer?
(c) Did they miss him?
(d) Do they have food or not?

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter one what does Larkin say there had been glory in?

2. When the old man is searching for the right words in the prologue what does he do?

3. What does Morrigan tell Blair will happen in one week?

4. What does Larkin point out about the way that they were controlled in their sleep?

5. Why does Larkin tell Blair to not let him go when they go to town?

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