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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Glenna and Hoyt tell the others they can expect to find in the vampire caves?
(a) Coffins.
(b) Dead animal bodies and booby traps.
(c) Bats.
(d) People in cages like cattle.

2. What does the old man tell the children they now know when he is talking to them in the prologue?
(a) What started the world turning.
(b) .How to drive their parents insane.
(c) Where people came from
(d) How the vampire came to be.

3. What dose Larkin say when Blair points out that most of them might die if they go in for a daylight attack on the caves again?
(a) Not if they are careful.
(b) He has a plan.
(c) She needs to have more faith.
(d) They will most likely die anyway before it is over.

4. What does Blair say tattoos are?
(a) A way to find yourself.
(b) Something to make you feel unique.
(c) A personal statement.
(d) An act of rebellion.

5. Where does Lilith say was the last place she had seen her reflection?
(a) At a ball two thousand years ago.
(b) In her mother's mirror.
(c) At her sister's wedding.
(d) The eyes of the one who bit her.

6. Why does Larkin get mad at Blair?
(a) She makes him leave the pub.
(b) She refused to go dancing with him.
(c) He doesn't want her to demean herself.
(d) He feels she has called him a liar.

7. Why does Larkin explain that the Vampyre's exist in chapter one?
(a) To create more Vampyres.
(b) To feed off of man.
(c) No one is sure.
(d) To rule the world.

8. What does Larkin point out about the way that they were controlled in their sleep?
(a) There was a magical taint on all of them.
(b) They had all been in close proximity with Lilith that day.
(c) They were exhausted, not merly resting.
(d) It is only happening to the females.

9. What does Blair think when Larkin says that she cannot be scared of something as simple as a kiss?
(a) She has never really been kissed.
(b) She is not scared, but is wary.
(c) She doesn't want Larkin to kiss her.
(d) Every man she kisses winds up dead.

10. What does Morrigan tell Blair will happen in one week?
(a) They will go to Geall.
(b) They will have to leave Cian behind.
(c) They must take a day and simply rest, with no training.
(d) Lilith will be ready to meet them.

11. What does Larkin pull out of the refrigerator in chapter one?
(a) Wine.
(b) Leftovers.
(c) Ice tea.
(d) A Coke.

12. Why does Larkin limp in chapter one?
(a) He has an ingrown toenail.
(b) He was thrown off his horse.
(c) An arrow had struck him in the thigh durring battle.
(d) His foot had a sword driven through it.

13. In Chapter 1 what does Blair tell Glenna when Glenna asks how they did in the battle with the vampires?
(a) She isn't the one to be asking.
(b) They all lived.
(c) They did really well.
(d) They didn't do very well but they will get a second chance.

14. What does Larkin say was the thing allowed him to make it home when he was so sick?
(a) The knowledge that he struck Lilith where it hurt.
(b) Blair's voice.
(c) The thought of Blair waiting for him.
(d) Knowing that there might be vampires coming for Blair.

15. What is the title of the leader of the vampire army?
(a) There is no title given.
(b) Queen.
(c) King.
(d) Dark Lord.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many people does Glenna say that they were able to get out of Lilith's caves?

2. What does Cian say that Lilith will do if she catches Larkin?

3. What does Cian say when Blair asks if she is going to have to start calling Cian 'Uncle Cian'?

4. What does Hoyt say is in the van that he found in the driveway?

5. What does Blair tell Larkin they are going to do when they pour the holy water on him?

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