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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Blair say killing the vampire she had known taught her as she describes it to Larkin?
(a) You can't save everyone.
(b) Once someone is turned, they are no longer the person you loved.
(c) Kill them before they kill you.
(d) One mistake can cost you your life.

2. What does Blair check on their way back to the castle?
(a) The pitfalls that are disguised.
(b) The hidding holes with their weapons.
(c) The water they had blessed by the holy man.
(d) The harness she gave Larkin.

3. What does Morrigan tell Blair will happen in one week?
(a) They will go to Geall.
(b) They must take a day and simply rest, with no training.
(c) Lilith will be ready to meet them.
(d) They will have to leave Cian behind.

4. What does Blair say tattoos are?
(a) A way to find yourself.
(b) Something to make you feel unique.
(c) An act of rebellion.
(d) A personal statement.

5. What does Blair say to the vampires when they ride up on her?
(a) The horse is old and not very steady.
(b) Her horse fell.
(c) She rode him too far and he seems to be tired.
(d) Her horse got a stone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Larkin tell Blair while they are at the pub?

2. When Larkin and Blair get to the pub what does she ask him about his charm?

3. What does Riddock say concerns him about letting Blair, Hoyt, Glenna, and Cian take charge of the military?

4. Where do the vampires come from in the end?

5. What does Larkin change into to get him and Blair out of danger?

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