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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What problem does the group realize while they are making plans to get to the portal that will take them to Geall?
(a) Cian can't go through because he is a vampire.
(b) They cannot take their weapons.
(c) The portal has been moved.
(d) They don't have enough keys.

2. In Chapter 1 what does Blair tell Glenna when Glenna asks how they did in the battle with the vampires?
(a) They all lived.
(b) She isn't the one to be asking.
(c) They didn't do very well but they will get a second chance.
(d) They did really well.

3. When Larkin first wakes up, what does he ask?
(a) Do they have food or not?
(b) Why are women always nagging?
(c) Did they miss him?
(d) Does anyone have a beer?

4. What does Larkin tell Blair she is?
(a) Magnificent.
(b) Nothing that could be douplicated.
(c) A warrior.
(d) An angel.

5. What does Blair say that she will do if they are still alive in November?
(a) Naked cartwheels.
(b) Cook Larkin a feast.
(c) An Irish jig.
(d) Take Larkin to Chicago.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Glenna say she was dreaming of when Cian woke her?

2. What does Larkin notice about the fire behind the wizard in Lilith's cave?

3. What does Blair NOT pack in as they get ready to leave the house?

4. What does Blair tell Larkin about the holy water they are going to use on his wound?

5. What did Jeremy tell Blair when she tried to give him her engagement ring back?

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