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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Blair realize when she sees Lora?
(a) The other vampires were wearing her down for Lora.
(b) Larkin will die if he comes.
(c) Lilith is no longer in charge.
(d) The vampires are ready to do battle today.

2. What does Cian say separates him and Blair from the others?
(a) The death they have seen.
(b) The fact that they know what is coming and the others don't.
(c) The fact that they were made to be solitary.
(d) Their blood line.

3. Why does Blair tell Larkin no when he tries to kiss her again?
(a) The burden of being a vampire hunter prevents her from sharing her life.
(b) That she is not sure and so the answer is no.
(c) Because he will have to go back to his own world.
(d) It didn't feel right.

4. What does Blair ask Lora before they begin battle?
(a) Why Jeremy.
(b) If the accent is real.
(c) If she ever gets tired of being a monster.
(d) Why she serves Lilith.

5. What does Glenna say about the heart of a champion?
(a) Sometimes it is tender.
(b) It cann't be hidden away.
(c) It is harder to get to.
(d) It is usually very large.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cian say when Hoyt says they will be back before sunset in Chapter 2?

2. What place did the scholar and shifter of shapes come to through the Dance of the Gods?

3. What does Blair say may be the reason Lilith hasn't attacked?

4. What problem does the group realize while they are making plans to get to the portal that will take them to Geall?

5. How does Blair plan to capture one of the vampires?

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