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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 9, why is Cecil worried about removing anything from the hogan?
(a) Cecil is grief-stricken.
(b) He thinks George will return.
(c) He doesn't want ghost sickness.
(d) Cecil has nothing.

2. In Chapter 1, what is stenciled on the back of the Little Fire God's sweatshirt?
(a) Property of St. Anthony's Mission Church.
(b) Property of the Little Fire God.
(c) Property of the Zuni Pueblo.
(d) Property of Zuni Consolidated Schools.

3. In Chapter 6, Leaphorn comes up with another explanation for the blood found where Ernesto Cata was last found?
(a) Sheep blood.
(b) Deer blood.
(c) George Bowleg's blood.
(d) The blood of an unknown person.

4. In Chapter 8, why does Leaphorn wait before entering the hogan?
(a) He wants time to think.
(b) He wants to observe.
(c) He doesn't think anyone's at home.
(d) Navajo custom and manners.

5. Where do the hippies in the commune sometimes give rides to Young Husband and Young Wife?
(a) Ramah and Gallup.
(b) Gallup and Farmington.
(c) Shiprock and Ramah.
(d) Albuquerque and Farmington.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 8, Leaphorn hears the sound of a bell. What does it come from?

2. Who is in charge of the investigation introduced in Chapter 2?

3. Isaacs shows Leaphorn a rectangular pink stone from the butt-end of a lance point. What is it made of?

4. In Chapter 3, Leaphorn makes the observation that days that begin badly end badly. What happens to make him think this?

5. What is Naranjo's hat made of?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the job given to Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn in Chapter 2 and why?

2. What had happened the last time that Ted Isaacs had seen Ernesto Cata and George Bowlegs?

3. Describe the boy called the Little Fire God in Chapter 1.

4. What kinds of tracks are found at the last place where Ernesto Cata is supposed to be?

5. Leaphorn decides to take his rifle with him into the Bowlegs' hogan in Chapter 8. Why does he do this?

6. Describe the commune called Jason's Fleece.

7. What does Leaphorn learn from Shorty Bowlegs in Chapter 3?

8. The reader learns about a member of Leaphorn's family in Chapter 7. Summarize who it is and why this person is important to Leaphorn.

9. Describe where Ernesto Cata's body is found.

10. What case had Leaphorn been working on before he was summoned to Zuni in Chapter 2?

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