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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are Bacobi and Atarque?
(a) Zuni police.
(b) Ernesto Cata's uncles.
(c) Navajo herders.
(d) Bureau of Indian Affairs employees.

2. In Chapter 8, what is being whipped into a frantic thrashing?
(a) The door to the hogan.
(b) Tumbleweeds.
(c) Juniper limbs.
(d) The wind.

3. What mark is found on both Leaphorn's carryall and his shirt?
(a) A square patch with a picture of an arrow.
(b) A square patch with the state seal.
(c) A round seal with a picture of a buffalo.
(d) A round seal saying Navajo.

4. In Chapter 10, what does Leaphorn think is significant that O'Malley doesn't?
(a) Shorty Bowleg's death.
(b) The missing Bowlegs horse.
(c) The appearance of the bird man kachina.
(d) The note George left for Cecil.

5. Who is the young person with the shaved head at the commune?
(a) Halsey.
(b) Susanne.
(c) Logan.
(d) Otis.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Leaphorn leave Cecil with after the death of Shorty Bowlegs?

2. In Chapter 3, what does Leaphorn offer Cecil in an effort to get him to open up?

3. In Chapter 6, for whom does Leaphorn feel an amused attraction?

4. According to a neighbor, where is the owner of the commune land believed to live?

5. About what time did George leave the commune?

Short Essay Questions

1. Leaphorn first meets Susanne, one of the inhabitants of the commune in Chapter 6. Describe her.

2. Leaphorn believes that George Bowlegs can survive easily enough in the wild until the snow comes. How does Leaphorn expect George to survive?

3. What does Leaphorn see standing in the arbor of the commune in Chapter 5?

4. How do the four original men working this case react to Agents O'Malley and Baker?

5. What is distracting Leaphorn at the beginning of Chapter 10?

6. What does Leaphorn learn from Shorty Bowlegs in Chapter 3?

7. What is the job given to Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn in Chapter 2 and why?

8. Leaphorn talks to young Navajo neighbors of the commune about its inhabitants. What information do they give Leaphorn?

9. Explain the Reynolds Theory.

10. What is the boy in Chapter 1 training for?

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