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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are Bacobi and Atarque?
(a) Zuni police.
(b) Navajo herders.
(c) Bureau of Indian Affairs employees.
(d) Ernesto Cata's uncles.

2. Leaphorn estimates that Short Bowlegs was killed when?
(a) Early that morning.
(b) Several hours.
(c) The day before.
(d) 30 minutes before Leaphorn's arrival.

3. Who tells Leaphorn that kachinas are invisible unless you're about to die?
(a) Ed Pasquaanti.
(b) A college roommate.
(c) The commune neighbors.
(d) Father Ingles.

4. By a white man's standards, what is Shorty Bowlegs net worth?
(a) $350.
(b) $100.
(c) $500.
(d) $50.

5. In Chapter 6, what is the last message that Leaphorn receives from the Window Rock operator?
(a) His supervisor wants to know about an embezzlement case.
(b) He has a dentist appointment the next day.
(c) George Bowlegs has been sighted.
(d) Ernesto Cata's body has been found.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Reynolds drive?

2. About what time did George leave the commune?

3. What does Leaphorn find in the Bowleg's stables?

4. In Chapter 1, the Little Fire God is running. What is to the west of where he is?

5. Up to how many people live in a Zuni home?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the Reynolds Theory.

2. Describe Agent Baker and why his appearance doesn't match that of an FBI agent.

3. What does Leaphorn learn from Shorty Bowlegs in Chapter 3?

4. How do the four original men working this case react to Agents O'Malley and Baker?

5. In Chapter 7, Leaphorn spends several hours at the site where the bicycle was found. What is he doing for all that time and why?

6. Describe the landscape in Chapter 1.

7. What has George taken from his hogan besides the clothing and the horse, according to his brother?

8. What does George's note to his brother say?

9. What is the boy in Chapter 1 training for?

10. What is distracting Leaphorn at the beginning of Chapter 10?

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