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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Ted Isaacs attend college for his undergraduate work?
(a) Pennsylvania State College.
(b) Morehouse College.
(c) University of Alabama.
(d) Memphis State.

2. In Chapter 12, who suggests that the killings are based upon a feud between Navajo and Zuni?
(a) Ted O'Malley.
(b) Ted Isaacs.
(c) Agent Baker.
(d) Halsey.

3. What feathers does Leaphorn think he saw on the kachina mask?
(a) Buzzard.
(b) Hawk.
(c) Eagle.
(d) Raven or crow.

4. What are Shulawitsi and Salamobia?
(a) Zuni legends.
(b) Important Zuni leaders.
(c) Places in Zuni myths.
(d) Kachinas.

5. How does Ted Isaacs refer to his family?
(a) Absent; he grew up in foster homes.
(b) Poor east Tennessee white trash.
(c) Middle class upbringing in Ohio.
(d) Emotionally distant, well off family in Florida.

6. How many people does Leaphorn estimate would be at Zuni village during Shalako?
(a) Four thousand.
(b) Ten thousand.
(c) Seven to eight thousand.
(d) 500 more than the usual population.

7. In Chapter 18, what hangs over the Zuni pueblo?
(a) Fear.
(b) Blue smoke from cooking.
(c) Dust.
(d) Thin layer of ice crystals.

8. According to legend, who teaches Clumsy Boy the prayers for hunting deer?
(a) Sun Father.
(b) Zuni War God.
(c) Chakwena.
(d) Father Coyote.

9. What is the normal population of Zuni village?
(a) 500.
(b) 2,500.
(c) 3,500.
(d) 5,000.

10. In Zuni mythology, what is the penalty for sacrilege?
(a) Sacrifice of belongings to those offended.
(b) Death.
(c) A month of silence.
(d) Ostracizing from the tribe.

11. What does Leaphorn find made of blue and yellow songbird feathers in Chapter 19?
(a) A necklace.
(b) A prayer plume.
(c) A mask.
(d) An arrow.

12. What did Leaphorn experience in college with Tom Bob and Blackie Bisti?
(a) Native American Church meeting.
(b) Visit to a shaman.
(c) Powwow.
(d) Road trip.

13. What is missing from the deer?
(a) Heart, liver, and gall bladder.
(b) Stomach.
(c) Some of the venison.
(d) Only the hide.

14. In Chapter 14, what is hanging on the ranch gate?
(a) A "No Trespassing" sign.
(b) Three coyote skins.
(c) A "Property of the Federal Government" sign.
(d) A wolf skin.

15. Who refers to George Bowlegs as "about half genius and half crazy"?
(a) Ted Isaacs.
(b) Cecil Bowlegs.
(c) Susanne.
(d) Father Ingles.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 11, how many sites is Reynolds sponsoring digs on?

2. In Chapter 16, what does Leaphorn find inside the fetish offering?

3. What does Leaphorn do while Susanne cries?

4. In Chapter 18, what does Leaphorn believe will hide him from others in his stakeout over the Zuni village?

5. In Chapter 19, what does Leaphorn find in the alley?

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