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According to Zuni beliefs, this entity is the courier between mankind and the gods. An annual ritual dance and feast is held to honor this entity and to accept the blessings it brings from the gods.

Halona Itawana

This place is the home of approximately 6,000 Zuni. It is known as the Middle Ant Hill of the World.


This mythological location is also known as the Dance Hall of the Dead. A central character of the book believes it is a dry lake bed northeast of Zuni village.

The Salamobia Mask

This ceremonial object has a distinctive collar of bird feathers and is worn by the killer to disguise his identity.

The Shulawitsi Mask

This ceremonial object is worn by the Little Fire God at a Zuni festival.

Shorty Bowlegs' Hogan

A man is killed in this Navajo home where the sum total of his family's contents...

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