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Chapter 1

• A Zuni boy runs along a trail to get in shape.

• He has been selected by his people to play the role of the Little Fire God during the upcoming Shalako celebration.

• In eight days, the Shalako will come from the Dance Hall of the Dead to bless the Zuni people.

• The Fire God must be in shape and avoid anger for the celebration.

• Thinking about anger makes him think of his Navajo friend, George.
• George has asked questions about sacred Zuni spiritual practices.

• By telling George things, the Zuni boy fears he has broken a taboo.

• George also encouraged the Fire God to steal arrowheads from an anthropological dig site.

• Now the boys aren't allowed to hang around the dig site anymore.

• The boy expects his friend to be waiting for him at the end of the trail with his bicycle.

• Instead, the Zuni boy finds...

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