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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who offers to pay for the entire trip for Yuki and the writer in Chapter 27?
(a) Miss Yumiyoshi.
(b) The Sheep Man.
(c) Hiraku Makimura.
(d) Ame.

2. How does Dick die in Chapter 34?
(a) He is poisoned.
(b) He is hit by a truck.
(c) He is eaten by a shark.
(d) He is hit by a stray bullet.

3. After he is released from the police station in Chapter 23, the writer thinks of whom and wonders if she too will be killed?
(a) Miss Yumiyoshi.
(b) Kiki.
(c) Yuki.
(d) Ame.

4. In Chapter 34, the writer spends time with Gotanda and tells him about the first time he saw whom?
(a) Mei.
(b) Ame.
(c) Yuki.
(d) Kiki.

5. In Chapter 31, there is finally an article about whom in the newspaper?
(a) Kiki.
(b) Hiraku Makimura.
(c) Mei.
(d) Ryoichi Gotanda.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Yuki and the writer go after leaving Hiraku Makimura's house in Chapter 25?

2. Yuki decides to ____________ while the writer talks to Hiraku Makimura in Chapter 24.

3. Who does the writer ask to come along on a trip with Yuki and himself in Chapter 27?

4. In Chapter 34, the writer explains to Yuki that you can't just say mean things why?

5. Where does Yuki suggest she and the writer take a trip in Chapter 27?

Short Essay Questions

1. What encounter does the protagonist attempt to hide from Yuki in Chapter 29? What is her reaction?

2. What leads up to the protagonist's eventual release in Chapter 22?

3. What conversation takes place between the protagonist and Yuki's mother in Chapter 29? How does the writer feel upon leaving?

4. What is the protagonist's emotional state in Chapter 36? Why does he go to visit Yuki?

5. What leads up to the protagonist's encounter with Gotanda in Chapter 39?

6. Where does the protagonist encounter Bookish in Chapter 35? What does Bookish say?

7. What do the police ask the protagonist at the station in Chapter 21? What is his response?

8. How is the protagonist's interrogation described in Chapter 22?

9. What does Yuki reveal after seeing the film "Unrequited Love" in Chapter 38?

10. Describe the continued dialogue between the police and the protagonist in Chapter 21. How does the narrator feel about his treatment?

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