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Dolphin Hotel - The narrator details this shabby establishment by noting that it lacked a sense of normalness in general.

Sheep Man's World - This location in the novel is a place in the shadows where people go when they need to find out how things are connected.

Sapporo - This is the name of the city in which the protagonist lived in a hotel with Kiki.

Hawaii - This is the vacation spot chosen by Yuki.

Business Card - It is this object that links the protagonist to Mei.

Rock 'n Roll - This form of music is one of the writer's great loves.

Subaru - Although this object is old and was bought used, it has a special meaning to the writer when little else seems to matter as much.

Tsujido - This is the home of Haruki Makimura, Yuki's father.

Akasaka Police Station -...

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