Dance Dance Dance: A Novel Character Descriptions

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The Writer - This protagonist of the novel is age 34, once divorced, and has had his share of pitfalls.

Ryoichi Gotanda - This character is a former junior high school classmate and former science lab partner to the protagonist.

Yuki - This character is a 13-year-old girl that the protagonist meets at the Dolphin Hotel.

Kiki - This character is the woman that lived with the protagonist at the Dolphin Hotel 4.5 years ago.

The Sheep Man - This character is a strange being who belongs to a race formed long ago and who lives in an in-between world.

Mei - This character is murdered in the novel, and the police link the protagonist to the crime.

Ame - This character is a world famous photographer and terrible mother.

Hiraku Makimura - This character was once a well respected bestselling author, but his career has slipped.

Fisherman and...

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